A surprise visit from a distinguished guest

   A couple of days ago, Special Hobby was honoured by an unexpected surprise visit of the former commander of the Guatemalan Air Force, Brigadier General Jorge Roberto Ruiz Serovic who serves as the Deputy Minister of Defense of Guatemala. On his visit to our Special Hobby, Prague facility, Ruiz was accompanied by a representative of domestic military aircraft producer AERO Vodochody. During the visit we learned that Ruiz has a warm spot for the hobby of scale model airplane building and that he is an active model builder himself.
    During the visit, Ruiz showed a vivid interest in all the varied aspects of the model kit production process. He was given an in depth guided tour of the Special Hobby facility which included visits to our warehouse; our design studio, where all the decals, instruction booklets and advertisement materials originate; and what must have been his most impressive experience, the manufacturing plant where the injection molding process of the kit parts takes place.
   Of all the models we make he was most fond of military aeroplanes in colours of South American air forces, and especially our 1/72 scale model of the Argentine’s FMA IA-58 Pucara. His passion for the Pucara was underlined by the fact that his lecturers at the Technical College in Argentina had been on the design of the Pucara which he is still intimately familiar with.
    We are proud to say that Ruiz enjoyed his visit in our company so much that he spent significantly longer time than had been originally planned from his busy schedule. In our very friendly conversation with Ruiz we asked him on how he came to know of Special Hobby. To our astonishment, he replied that we were the only Czech plastic model producer he knew about. He seemed to be rather surprised to learn that there were many more model kit and accessory companies in the Czech Republic. So, it is with pride that we can say that Special Hobby is better known in Guatemala than our friends at Eduard Ltd.
   We are also pleased to share with you photographs taked during Brigadier General Jorge Roberto Ruiz Serovic visit to our Special Hobby production facility.

Brigadier General Jorge Roberto Ruiz Serovic with Mr.Jiri Silhanek, CEO of Special Hobby (middle)


Mr.Ruiz and Mr.Silhanek exchanging head gears. Mr.Silhanek tries on a brigadier general garrison cap while Mr.Ruiz wears a Luftwaffe WW2 summer flying helmet from Mr.Silhanek‘s private collection. In all modesty, both gentlemen do look terrific.


 Brigadier General in the Special Hobby graphic studio with some of the staff.

Mr.Ruiz proved to be a true model enthusiast, when he was walked through the piles of model kits in our warehouse.


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