SH32071 Fieseler Fi 103 / V-1 and SH32074 Fieseler Fi 103R / V-1 Reichenberg in 1/32 scale - currently working on

   Among other SH new models scheduled for this October, you will also be able to acquire the 1/32 Fieseler Fi 103 / V-1. Two moulding tools have already been finished, the first test sprues produced from them are shown below. We have also managed to finsh the third moulding block with the kit's wings, but we won't be able to test this one until about two weeks from now.
  Our team are also working on the manned version of this infamous German Wunderwaffe, the Fi 103R / V-1 Reichenberg and this model is to appear on hobby shop shelves in January 2019.


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