Yoav Efrati's seventh built Fouga Magister in 1/72

   Although Mila Hraban's fifteen or perhaps already sixteen Tempest models built so far might seem unrivaled, Yoav Efrati is getting very close at his heels. Well we admit that the 1/72 Fouga cannot be a match to that huge and quite complex 32nd scale Hawker fighter, and all the same, the total of seven Fougas is admirable too. All of Yoav's Fouga Magisters have been finished, no wonder, in the colours of the Israel Air Force, using decal sheets produced by IsraDecals.
  Special Hobby have the Magister in the very colours scheduled for January 2019 release. But already now, we would like to encourage you to build your models of this unique French jet trainer with upgrade sets from CMK range of products, namely Q72227 F.Magister Seats, Q72228 F.Magister Wheels and along them also resin cast figures F72306 Two Fouga Magister Pilots and a Mechanic.


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