Newsletter 11/2018

Special Hobby’s monthly Newsletter is here again to bring you the latest information about our November releases, all of which, rather unusually for us are in the 72nd scale. Fans of other scales, do not despair as you will find many to chose from in our CMK resin sets range. Fancy some engine start trolleys, for example? Or more common items as engine sets or resin figures. Colleagues in our packaging room prepared also quite large amount of previously unavailable items. The list is attached at the end of the newsletter.
A. Riedel


DH 100 Vampire FB Mk.52 Over Northern Sky 1/72 - Reissue Scale Barcode
100-SH72281 1/72 8594071084295
Model of the DH Vampire, a first generation British fighter aeroplane in the FB Mk.52 export version. The kit consists of two grey styrene sprues joined by one clear sprue with canopy and wing tip parts, two sheets of decals and full-colour instruction booklet. The colour schemes offer three machines:
DH.100 Vampire FB.52, VO438, ZK-B, 337 sqn (337 skvadron), Royal Norwegian AF (Luftforsvaret), Gardermoen, later at Værnes, 1948-1957 .
DH.100 Vampire FB.52, VA-6, 13 fighter sqn (HavLv 13), Finnish AF (Ilmavoimat), late 50s/ early 60s. Operated from Pori, later based at Tikkakoski.
J-28B (DH.100 Vampire FB.52), 2 sqn, F11 wing (Södermanlands flygflottilj), Swedish AF (Flygvapnet), Nyköping, 1953.
  • detailed and highly accurate model, arguably the best ever 72 scale Vampire
  • extremely easy to build
  • colourful markings
  • accurate decals containing also full set of stencils in three scandinavian language options
  • to improve the looks of the model, pre-coloured etches K72027, resin wheels Q72313 (early hubs) and Q72325 (late hubs) are also available.
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FH-1 Phantom 'First US NAVY Jet Fighter' 1/72 Scale Barcode
100-SH72332 1/72 8594071086602
Model of the very first carrier-based jet fighter aircraft of the US Navy.
Contents of the kit: three grey styrene injection moulded sprues, one clear sprue, photo etches, decal sheet, full colour instruction booklet. Decals for four US Navy machines:
FH-1 Phantom, R 112 (BuNo 111778) VF-17A, Lt J.L. Fruin, USS Franklin Delano Roosevelt (CVB-42), March 1949.
FH-1 Phantom, 122 (BuNo 111785), VF-17A, carrier deck suitability tests, USS Saipan, May 1948.
FH-1 Phantom,101 ( BuNo 111799), VF-17A, Capt. W.N. Leonard , USS Coral Sea (CVB-43), 18 May 1948.
FH-1 Phantom, 109, (BuNo 111786), VF-17A LCDR R.I. Clinke, USS Franklin Delano Roosevelt (CVB-42), March 1949.
  • detailed and highly accurate model
  • four US Navy carrier based machines marking options
  • accurate decals with full set of stencils
  • Q72325 Resin wheels also available separately to improve the detail levels of the kit
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Vickers Vildebeest Mk.III 1/72 Scale Barcode
100-SH72400 1/72 8594071086916
Model of a British torpedo / bomber / army cooperation aeroplane. The kit contains: four styrene sprues moulded in grey colour, one crystal clear sprue, decal sheet, photo etches, resin parts, full colour instruction booklet. The decals cater for three machines which fought the Japs in the early stages of the war in the Pacific in 1941:
Vickers Vildebeest Mk.III, NK-K, No 100 Sqn RAF, Seletar (Singapore), 1941/42
Vickers Vildebeest Mk.III, K6402/OE-J, No 36 Sqn RAF, Seletar (Singapore), 1941/42
Vickers Vildebeest Mk.III, K4176/B, No 36 Sqn RAF, Seletar (Singapore), 1936
Vickers Vildebeest Mk.III, NZ109/B-1, 'B' Flight, No 2 Flying Training School, RNZAF, Woodbourne, 1940
  • detailed and highly accurate model
  • kit components (plastic, decals, etches) taken from already unavailable Azur/Frrom kit #FR017
  • accurate decals and stencils
  • photo etched fret, detailed resin parts
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1/48 B&P Defiant Engine Set for Airfix kit Scale Barcode
129-4363 1/48 8595593126395
Partly uncovered Merlin engine set made for the new Airfix kit of the famous Boulton Paul Defiant gun turret fighter. The set consists of the engine replica, engine bearers, bulkheads and cowling panels.
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1/32 MA-1A USAF Start Cart Scale Barcode
129-5114 1/32 8595593126388
High pressure air starter unit used for starting an aircraft jet engine by means of high velocity air generated by a small turbine inside the cart. The MA-1A cart was in service since the 1950s and and was used to start number of US jet engine aircraft such as the T-33A, T-38 and many others too, and could be used with the huge C-130 turboprop as well. This resin kit contains also a photo etched fret and a decal sheet.
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1/72 Dornier Do-27 Cockpit set for Special Hobby kit Scale Barcode
129-7411 1/72 8595593126401
The Dornier Do 27 kit will benefit from the addition of nicely detailed pilot and passenger seats with seat belts and two styles of the instrument panels. The set contains photo etched seat belts and a instrument faces pre-printed on a piece of clear film.
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1/72 Dewoitine D-520 Engine set for Hasegawa kit Scale Barcode
129-7414 1/72 8595593126418
HS-12Y-45 engine assembly tailored for the D-520 French WW2 fighter aeroplane model. Besides the detailed engine replica, the set contains engine compartment bulkheads, exhaust stubs, engine bearer, cannon replica and side and top engine cowl panels.. The lower panel does not need to be removed from the model.
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1/72 Dewoitine D-520 Fuselage Fuel tank for Hasegawa kit Scale Barcode
129-7415 1/72 8595593126425
Resin rendition of the fuselage fuel tank that was located in front of the French D 520 figher pilot’s cockpit. The set contains not just the tanks, you will find the bulkheads and cover panel there too.
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1/72 Palouste Mk.101/100 – Jet Air Starter Trolley and Airborne Pod (for Gannet, Scimitar, SeaWixen, Skywarrior, etc...) Scale Barcode
129-7416 1/72 8595593126432
The Palouste starter was used for starting up the aircraft jet engines by means of high pressure and high velocity air generated by a small turbine located inside the trolley or pod. The turbine was housed inside a unique-shaped pod resembling a drop fuel tank. No wonder the Palouste could also be airborne, carried on underwing pylons, thus enabling service of RAF, Armée de l’Air and US Navy warplanes from auxiliary, ill equipped airfields. A set of detachable wheels was used to facilitate moving the starter across the field.
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1/72 Vampire Mk.5/9/T.11Mainwheels and Nosewheel for Special Hobby/Airfix kit Scale Barcode
129-Q72325 1/72 8595593126456
The set consits of a nose wheel and mainwheels with the later style hubs. These wheels are designed to fit single seat Vampire models from Special Hobby and Extratech or two-seater training Vampires from Aifix. The nosewheel comes as a one piece while the kit items have to be assembled from two parts. The mainwheel tyres feature nicely rendered and accurate tread pattern. The master parts were 3D created.
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1/72 Do-27 Civilian Crew (pilot, photographer with two cameras, woman zoologist) for Special Hobby kit Scale Barcode
129-F72348 1/72 8595593126449
A triplet of civilian figures that could enliven any model of a post-war German aeroplane. The pilot is joined by a photographer carrying two cameras and a figure of a female zoologist. Not just for the Special Hobby Dornier Do 27, in fact any other 1/72 non-military aircraft or vehicle will enjoy the company of these three figures.
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Breguet Br.693AB.2 'French Attack-Bomber' 1/72 Scale Barcode
100-SH72396 1/72 8594071086787

Kittyhawk Mk.III (P-40K) "Long Fuselage" 1/72 Scale Barcode
100-SH72380 1/72

Dornier Do 27 IDF, SAAF and Portuguese Service 1/72 Scale Barcode
100-SH72392 1/72 8594071086855


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