Special Hobby's New 1/72 Mirages III / 5 / Nesher and a few more...

   Special Hobby are proudly presenting their new and extremely wide family of 1/72 Mirage IIIs which is to offer also the later development of these aeroplanes that played rather important role in the history of aviation and air warfare. The levels of quality of the injection moulding tools and the styrene components themselves are at least comparable, more likely even far surpasing those known from our more recent projects, eg. P-40 Warhawks, CASA C-212s and others. We plan to release the mentioned Mirage III as well as later 5s, Israeli Neshers, Argentina's Daggers, special Swiss canarded versions etc. Today, let us take a bit closer look at the very first of them, the iconic Mirage IIIC and CJ and and a pictorial summary of all the various pieces of styrene the modeller can expect to find in the box.


  1. Curiously waiting... the thematic has long deserved it... it was fun to make a "close to it" IIIB by mixing AML, PJ and High Planes kits, though big heap of work... not for the weak nerved...


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