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First of all, we would like to wish you the very best for the New Year 2019. Now allow us to bring to your attention the best we had been preparing for you before the old year ended. Owing to the festive period, we have two injection-moulded kits and eight resin sets and kits. Of the resin kits, let me emphasize the 1/72 30.5cm Belagerungsmörser M.11, which is truly a top-notch item created using our 3D CAD CAM systems.

In early February, Special Hobby is attending the famous Nuremberg Toy Fair also known as SPIELWARENMESSE 2019. I would like to invite all our business partners to visit our stand at the fair, in Hall 7, stand no.E-52. We are looking forward to meeting up with you there.


1/72 B-18B Bolo ‘ASW’ Scale Barcode
100-SH72230 1/72 8594071086947

Model of a US bomber aircraft in a specialised anti-submarine version

The kit contains four grey styrene sprues, one sprue with clear parts, decal sheet, photo-etched details, resin cast parts and a full colour instruction booklet. Markings for two machines.

  • The B-18 Bolo has never been kitted by any other company, just Special Hobby
  • Contains scheme options of unusually-looking machines.
  • Accurate decals
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1/32 Fieseler Fi 103A-1/Re 4 Reichenberg Scale Barcode
100-SH32074 1/32 8594071086862

Model of a manned version of the V-1 vengeance weapon / flying bomb which was supposed to be used by the Germans in the final stages of WW2. The kit consists of four grey styrene sprues, one sprue with clear canopy, decal sheet, PE fret and a full colour instruction sheet.

  • By far the best 1/32 Fi 103A1 model kit.
  • Comes with the transport trailer
  • Eyecatching schemes
  • Photoetched details included
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    1/48 SK-37/SK-37E Viggen Instructor / Operator (seated in rear cockpit) for Special Hobby kit Scale Barcode
    129-F48350 1/48 8595593126548

    Nationality : Swedish / post-war

    Cast figure of the rear cockpit pilot instructor / ECM and radar operator taylored for the SK-37/37E model. The figure and the hot seat is a one-piece item while the pilot’s head, left arm and the oxygen mask hose are separate parts.

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    1/72 Ki-43 II/III Hayabusa Pilot´s Seat with Harness for Special Hobby kit Scale Barcode
    129-Q72332 1/72 8595593126555

    Country of Origin: Japan / WWII

    This set offers finely detailed two-part pilot’s seat with the belts already moulded in and was designed for any Hayabusa model, not just those from Special Hobby.

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    1/72 Ki-61 I Tei Hien – Pilot´s Seat with Harness for Hasegawa kit Scale Barcode
    129-Q72333 1/72 8595593126562

    Country of Origin: Japan / WWII

    This two-part detail pilot’s seat with moulded in belts makes a nice addition to your Ki-61 I Hien model.

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    1/72 B5N2 Kate Crew Seats with Harness for Airfix kit Scale Barcode
    129-Q72334 1/72 8595593126579

    Country of Origin: Japan / WWII

    The Airfix’s B5N2 Kate model will hugely benefit from the addition of these detailed seats which come with the seatbelts already moulded in.

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    1/72 P-40E Exhausts for Special Hobby kit Scale Barcode
    129-Q72335 1/72 8595593126586

    Modely P-40E můžete vylepšit o zcela nové a detailní kruhové výfuky.
    Velmi detailní model vznikl 3D modelací a 3D tiskem


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    1/48 Defiant Pilot´s Seat with belts for Airfix kit Scale Barcode
    129-Q48336 1/48 8595593126593

    Country of Origin: USA / WWII

    All new and finely detailed rounded exhausts to enliven your P-40E model.

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    1/48 Defiant Pilot´s Seat for Airfix kit Scale Barcode
    129-Q48337 1/48 8595593126609

    Country of Origin: UK / WWII

    Bring more detail to your Defiant model with this nicely detailed pilot’s seat with moulded in back pad and seatbelts.

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    1/72 Austro-Hungarian WWI 30,5 cm Belagerungsmörser M.11 (Skoda 30,5cm Haubitze) all resin kit Scale Barcode
    129-MV121 1/72 8595593126111

    Country of Origin: Austria-Hungary / WWI

    The 30.5cm M.11 Mörser was a large caliber howitzer and the Austro-Hungarian army had already been equipped with 24 of them by the time the First World War broke out. The howitzer was used not only by the Austro-Hungarian army on both the Russian and Italian front, but it was also in service with the German army which borrowed four batteries, each with two guns and crew, and put them rather successfully into action during the siege of Belgian fortified positions of Namur, Liege, Antwerp and Givet and also during the German bombardment of Verdun and Toul fortresses in France and Osowiec on the Eastern front.

    This splendidly detailed rendition of the M.11 Mörser has been designed using our CAD 3D technology and a 3D printer. It rightfully stands on the very top as far as resin cast kits are concerned.
    The kit allows the modeller to build it either in the firing position with its barrel pointing upwards or in the loading position with the barrel placed horizontally. The kit also contains a PE fret.

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    1/72 Blohm Voss BV 155B-1 'Luftwaffe 46 High Altitude Fighter' Scale Barcode
    100-SH72372 1/72 8594071086930

    1/72 Breda Ba.88B Lince Scale Barcode
    100-SH72397 1/72 8594071086879

    1/72 Fouga CM.170 Magister/IAI Tzukit 'IAF' Scale Barcode
    100-SH72375 1/72 8594071086978


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