News from Special Hobby 02/2019

In this year’s second edition of the Special Hobby Newsletter, I cannot forget to mention as always this time, one of the most important model events of the year, the Nuremberg Toy Fair, or SPIELWARENMESSE 2019. Let me invite you all, the modellers and customers alike, who want to learn more about our production plans to come and visit our stand E-52 in Hall 7. It will bring us a great pleasure to meet with you there and show you our upcoming projects.

   Due for this February release are not just three plastic model kits, but as many as eight new resin detail sets. While all the models come in 1/72 scale, the sets will no doubt appeal also to quarter scale fans. I would like to draw your attention to the Palouste Mk.101/102 starter trolley. We already make this in 1/72 and now we are bringing it to you in 1/48.



Blohm Voss BV 155B-1 "Luftwaffe 46 High Altitude Fighter" Scale Barcode
100-SH72372 1/72 8594071086930

Model of a German high altitude fighter aeroplane wearing ‘what-if‘ colour schemes.

The kit consists of four grey styrene sprues and one clear sprue with canopy parts, decal sheet, resin cast detail parts and full colour instruction booklet. The decals offer markings for three schemes.

  • Luftwaffe 1946 fictional camouflage schemes
  • Unusually looking version and colours
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Fouga CM.170 Magister/IAI Tzukit Scale Barcode
100-SH72375 1/72 8594071086978

Model of a jet trainer and light attack aircraft in colours of the IAF. The kit contains: four grey styrene sprues, one clear plastic sprue, resin cast details and full colour instructions.

  • The finest 1/72 model kit of the Magister
  • Resin parts for the Israeli licence-built Tzukit machines.
  • Decal sheet caters for every major type of colour scheme worn by Israeli Fougas / Tzukits.
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Breda Ba.88B Lince Scale Barcode
100-SH72397 1/72 8594071086879

Model of an Italian WW2 bomber aeroplane. Contents of the kit: three grey styrene sprues, one clear plastic sprue, decal sheet and full colour instruction booklet.

  • Nicely detailed model
  • Fancy blotch pattern camouflage schemes
  • Decals offer markings for three Italian machines.
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Simple Set SAAB 37 Viggen Upgrade parts Scale Barcode
100-SS015 1/48 8594071086992

This new sprue contains all the parts you need to improve 1/48 Special Hobby's Viggen kits #SH48148 (first release) and SH48188 as well as the first releases from Tarangus.Výlisek je určen pro vylepšení modelů Viggen firmy Special Hobby SH48148 (první edice), SH48188 a modelů Viggen firmy Tarangus prvních edic.



Beaufighter Mk.IF Dinghy Box and Access Panel for Revell Scale Barcode
129-4367 1/48 8595593126616

Set contains an open box for the inflatable safety raft and its access panel. The dinghy itself comes as separate resin part, portrayed deflated.

Country of origin: UK / WW2

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Palouste Mk.101/102 – Jet Air Starter Trolleys and Airborne Pod Scale Barcode
129-4368 1/48 8595593126623

The Palouste starter was used for starting up aircraft jet engines by means of high pressure and high velocity air generated by a small turbine located inside the trolley pod. The turbine was housed inside a unique-shaped pod resembling a drop fuel tank. No wonder the Palouste could also be airborne, carried on underwing pylons, thus enabling to service RAF, FAA or even US Navy warplanes at auxiliary, ill-equipped airfields. A set of detachable wheels was used to facilitate moving the starter across the field. The set also contains a photo-etched fret and a sheet of decals. A large access panel in the rear section of the pod can be posed open.

Country of origin: UK / post war

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J2M3 Raiden (JACK) – Control surface set for Hasegawa kit Scale Barcode
129-4369 1/48 8595593126630

Contains new control surfaces (ailerons, rudder, tailplanes and elevators) with life like rendition of their fabric skinning. The control surfaces can be fixed in the deployed position.

Country of origin: Japan / WW2

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Avia B-534 Engine set for Eduard kit Scale Barcode
129-7418 1/72 8595593126647

The set offers the modeller an option to open the port side engine cowling panel and show to good advantage the visible section of the engine. The set consists of a partial engine replica, engine bulkhead and the respective cowling panels and so the installation into the model is quite easy and straightforward and the sleek profile of the machine does not get disrupted.

Country of origin: Czechoslovakia / Interwar, WW2

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Avia B-534 Cockpit set for Eduard kit Scale Barcode
129-7419 1/72 8595593126661

The set contains a new pilot’s seat with moulded-in seat belts and a new instrument panel, all of which are made of cast resin. The instrument faces come on pre-printed clear film.

Country of origin: Czechoslovakia / Interwar, WW2

More info

Westland Sea King Engine Set for Airfix Scale Barcode
129-7420 1/72 8595593126678

This set depicts the open engine section on the top of the helicopter. Included in this kit: an engine replica, new exhausts and cowling panels.

Country of origin: UK / post-war

More info


SB2U-3 Vindicator "Marines Go To War" Scale Barcode
100-SH72264 1/72 8594071083731

Breguet Br. 695AB.2 Scale Barcode
100-SH72399 1/72

EoN Eton TX.1/ SG-38 Over Western Europe Scale Barcode
100-SH48198 1/48 8594071087005


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