SH32074 Fieseler Fi 103A-1/Re 4 Reichenberg - the box contents

   Having already released the 1/32 scale Fi 103/V-1 Buzz Bomb model (SH32071), we simply had no other option than to come up with its manned version too. Although being almost identical at the very first glance, the Fi 103A-1/Re 4 Reichenberg differed hugely from its predecessor. Yes the pilot’s canopy is an unmistakable feature, but there were also the wings fitted with ailerons to name just the most obvious differences.
  Yesterday, Special Hobby team managed to finish injection moulding the very last components and were able to start packaging and preparing the model for the customers. The other photos of today’s blog show the 1/72 Potez 25 clear parts moulding tool being milled and also the very last moulding tool of our upcoming 1/72 Sunderland project – the depth charges trolley mould and of course also another mould for the 1/48 Siebel which contains the floor and other interior components


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