News from Special Hobby 03/2019

   Welcome to the March instalment of our regular Newsletter. I am writing this piece of text at the Nuremberg SPIELWARRENMESSE 2019 Toy Fair in those very few and brief moments between appointments with our partners and other visitors attending our stand. Very often I am kept from my effort by the neccessity to say: Yes, the Sunderland is a brand new model, yes just ours – no cooperation with anyone else, due for release this April, or I like: the 72nd scale Viggen, yes all versions, first of which is expected in May, or even pointing to the quarter-scale Unimog saying: a resin kit, designed and produced using CAD/CAM as well as its counterpart, the Aircraft Tug MAN Le 10.220, both of which can boost themselves with having clear styrene, injection-moulded window parts. Not to mention the fact that each hour we are meeting business partners and it of course makes us most happy to deal with them with the utmost effort. And I would like to say that Miss Lenka Laurencikova, the new head of our sales department is just wonderful in this role.
   This year’s Toy Fair proved to be a real success for Special Hobby. Our model kits are generally much-liked among the modellers which seems to be the reason for the German Modellfan magazine awarding Special Hobby with two Model of the Year prizes, first of which went to our 1/72 SH72297 FH-1 Phantom in the category of 1/72 models and the other we got for the 1/32 CMK 5110 Tempest Mk.V Engine set. And it makes us even more commited for the days and years to come, do our best and not to disappoint our customers.

The following plastic and resin model kits and resin sets have been made ready to reach market this March:


Breguet Br 695AB.2 ‘Under the Vichy Government’ Scale Barcode
100-SH72399 1/72

CounA model of the WW2 French ground-attack aeroplane, the kit consists of three grey styrene sprues, one sprue with clear parts, polyurethane resin details and a full-colour instruction booklet. The decal sheet caters for three Vichy-operated machines, one of them as flown in 1941, the other two of the post-armistice period.

  • This version is covered just by Special Hobby
  • Photo-etched details and resin machine gun included in the kit
  • Fancy-looking colour schemes, one wearing Red and Yellow Vichy stripes

Country of origin: France / WWII

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EoN Eton TX.1/ SG-38 Over Western Europe Scale Barcode
100-SH48198 1/48 8594071087005

A model of the ex-German primary glider (Schulgleiter) wearing colour of post war users. In the UK, the glider was produced as the Eton TX.1 type. The decals and marking schemes offer two British gliders,  and per one of Swedish, Belgian and a French schemes

The kit contains – one sprue with styrene parts, a fret of photo etches, decals and full colour instructions.

  • Detail model
  • Interesting selection of various operators
  • Photo etches already included in the kit.

    Operators: UK, Sweden, Belgium, France / post-war

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    SB2U-3 Vindicator ‘Marines Go To War’ Scale Barcode
    100-SH72264 1/72 8594071083731

    A model of the US Navy dive bomber and reconnaissance aeroplane used during WW2. The SB2U-3 version saw action in the Battle of Midway. The model kit contains two grey styrene sprues, one sprue with clear canopy parts, polyurethane resin machine gun and a full colour intstruction booklet. The decal sheet caters for four machines, including that one that managed to attack the IJN Haruna battleship during the Battle of Midway or that machine that was destroyed at Pearl Harbor on the infamous 7 December.

    • Detailed model, produced just by Special Hobby
    • Brings eye-catching marking options of US Marines machines, starting with the pre-war Yellow Wing scheme through to two-grey scheme used in the war times

      Country of origin: USA / WWII

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      B&P Defiant Weapon Turret in 1/48 / for Airfix kit Scale Barcode
      129-4365 1/48 8595593126708

      This detailed set offers substantially greater levels of detail than the original styrene items of the kit. Designed to be used with the kit’s clear turret parts.

        Country of origin: UK / WWII

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        J2M3 Raiden (Jack) Cockpit set in 1/48 / for Hasegawa kit Scale Barcode
        129-4370 1/48 8595593126715

        This interior set directly replaces the original parts of the kit and offers a new cockpit floor, sidewalls, bulkhead behind the pilot, a new instrument panel with instrument faces pre-printed on a piece of clear film, a firewall, pilot’s seat with belts moulded in situ and several other smaller components for the cockpit

          Country of origin: Japan / WWII

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           Unimog U406 DoKa Military Airport Tug + Towbar in 1/48 / all resin kit

 Scale Barcode
          129-8055 1/48 8595593126722

          A superb-looking, 3D-designed model of a Bundesluftwaffe aircraft tug vehicle, its master parts were produced on a 3D printer. This tug was also in use with other European air forces and even civil airlines since the 1960s well until the end of the century. Along the nicely cast and detailed resin parts, the kit also contains a decal sheet and injection-moulded clear parts produced using metal moulds. The decals bring three marking options.

            Country of origin: Germany / modern

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            MAN LE 10.220 Bundeswehr Military Aircraft Tug + Towbar in 1/48 / all resin kit

   Scale Barcode
            129-8056 1/48 8595593126739

            An excellent, 3D-designed and with 3D-printed master parts model of a Bundesluftwaffe aircraft tug vehicle. Along the nicely cast and detailed resin parts, the kit also contains a decal sheet and injection-moulded clear parts produced using metal moulds. The decals bring three marking options.

              Country of origin: Germany / modern

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              Tempest Pilot (seated) in 1/48 / for Eduard kit

     Scale Barcode
              129-F48355 1/48 8595593126753

              A superb figure of a sitting British pilot cast one piece with the seat. Designed for the new Hawker Tempest kit from Eduard

              Nationality: UK / WWII

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              Viggen Pilot Climbing Ladder into Cockpit in 1/48 / for Special Hobby/Tarangus kit

     Scale Barcode
              129-F48351 1/48 8595593126685

              Nicely detailed polyurethane resin cast figure of a Viggen pilot depicted climbing into the cockpit using a styrene ladder. The ladder comes from a standard metal type mould. A fine accompaniment to a sitting instructor/radar operator figure and any two-seater version of the Viggen.

              Nationality: Sweden / modern

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              Viggen Pilot Climbing Ladder and Seated Instructor/Operator 1/72 / for Special Hobby kit

     Scale Barcode
              129-F72352 1/72 8595593126692

              Finely detailed polyurethane figure of a Viggen pilot climbing into his office via a ladder which is injection moulded using metal moulds.  The other figure in this set portrays an instructor/radar operator already seated in the rear cockpit and comes one piece with his ejection seat.

              Nationality: Sweden/ modern

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              AH-1Q/S Hughes M65 Telescopic Sight Unit 1/72 / for Special Hobby kit

     Scale Barcode
              129-Q72338 1/72 8595593126760

              These new parts of the nose mounted M65 sight unit offer the modeller with greater detail than the original styrene ones and come with a photo-etched fret and a piece of clear film. A drop fit replacement, no need to cut anything to get it installed in the kit.

                Country of origin: USA / modern

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                UPCOMING MODELS 04/2019

                Boston MK.III Intruder

       Scale Barcode
                100-SH72398 1/72

                Short Sunderland Mk.V

       Scale Barcode
                100-SH72162 1/72

                Morane Saulnier MS-410C.1

       Scale Barcode
                100-SH72405 1/72


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