Special Hobby H-21 Shawnee - A Two-Screw Flying Banana

   Milan Pospisil, a Czech modeller and a member of Kolin Bears model club, recalls briefly his  experience with building the Special Hobby's 1/48 Flying Banana:

   Before I started building this model two years ago, it had been waiting for a very long time in my stash. I tried my very best even though I did not enjoy the build very much. Inside the body, an engine assembly with all the wiring and piping is enclosed and frankly, one cannot see very much of it, really. Yeah I made a couple of images of this area, got them somewhere though. I experienced quite a lot of suffering with various parts of the model, huge amount of dry fitting, filling and sanding was necessary. A real nightmare was the greenhouse of the pilots‘ office, I might have made a mistake somewhere during its assembly, I simply felt like that Greek Sisyphus while building it. What is more, a section of the glazing accidentally dropped off and I managed to crush it with my foot. The producer turned out to be quite sympathetic with an ill-fated modeller and kindly sent a new canopy enabling me to finish my model eventually. After the break, I went on in a more cheerful manner, with much different attitude than before. I aim to display the model in a small area of a rice field somewhere in Viet Nam, where these mighty choppers saw some real service with the US military.


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