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  The previous instalment of our regular monthly Newsletter brought a model of the iconic Sunderland Mk.Vflying boat, and now Special Hobby’s May Newsletter is here again and this time with another massively anticipated model in the shape of the 1/72 SAAB Viggen. The first release of the kit called Duo Pack brings in actual fact two models along with a real treat, a nice photographic publication portraying the type from many various aspects. Besides this beauty, we have prepared for you a couple of interesting CMK sets, among them some follow on releases for the Airfix 1/48Blenheim Mk.I and 1/72 Sea King kits as well as first sets tailored for the 1/48 N1K-1J Kai, with more coverage of this Japanese fighter plane to follow later. Last but not least, our range of resin figures gets a welcomed boost, a German Luftwaffe ground crew member with a draught ox in 1/48 scale. This set is recommended to portray a German late war era airfield with military planes being pulled by this pair, but obviously can be used in many other sorts of dioramas.

   Our new 1/72 model of the French Super Mystere jet fighter has been prepared in cooperation with our partners at Azur-Frrom. The first two boxings released by Azur-Frrom of this model will offer French schemes, our own Special Hobby re-issues are to follow later this year, bringing the Super Mystere as operated by the IAF and you will find both types of engines in the model, enabling to build you both the original Atar-engined so-called „Sambad“ aircraft and the later „Sa’ar“ with a new and more powerful US engine and longer rear section.

  I also feel the need to briefly mention some of our upcoming project we are currently working on. Due to be released this June is the first release of the German twin engined Siebel Si 204D in 1/48 and we believe many a modeller will welcome this model eagerly, given the response we receive on Facebook ( and our blog ( whenever any news related to this model is mentioned.

   Having released resin pilot figures accompanied by injection moulded ladders, Special Hobby / CMK team are working now on a couple of sets which will definitely go nicely with our recently released Viggen kits. And a Hi-Tech release of the 1/32 Fieseler Fi 103/V-1 missile is to appear on the hobby shop shelves this June.

May instalment of SH Newsletter brings you the following:


SAAB 37 Viggen Duo Pack & Book Scale Barcode
100-SH72411 1/72

-As the title already suggests, the box contains two complete models of the SAAB 37 Viggen, a single seater AJ-37 and a twin-seater SK-37, along with a superb MHM Publication’s photographic book.

Each of the kits comes on as many as fifteen injection moulded sprues with two clear ones, it also contains a full colour instruction booklet and offers as many as three AJ-37 and three SK-37  marking options.

  • Two complete models in two different versions
  • Extremely detailed models, accurate in terms of dimensions and shape too
  • Finely rendered engraved panel lines
  • Huge, Cartograf-printed decal sheet contains full set of all the various servicing stencils found on the airframe,
  • Swedish Air Force machines given in the kit wore the camouflage scheme as well as just the natural metal finish.
  • Limited release

Country of origin: Swedish / Modern

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Fairey Barracuda Mk.III 'ASV Mk.XI Radar' Scale Barcode
100-SH72408 1/72 8594071087067

Model of a British carrier-borne torpoedo and dive bomber, the Mk.III version had an ASV Mk.XI radar beneath its rear fuselage.

The kit contains: three injection moulded sprues, one clear plastic sprue, full colour instructions and a decal sheet.

  • Nicely detailed model
  • Decal sheet offers three British and one French marking option.

Country of origin: UK / Post-war

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Arado Ar 96B  Captured & Post War Scale Barcode
100-SH72409 1/72 8594071087050

Model of a German WW2 trainer plane wearing colours of its Allied users and as flown in immediately post-war era. The kit consists of two sprues joined by a clear sprue, decal sheet, resin details and a pe fret.

  • decals enable the modeller to finish the model in either British, US, French or Swedish post war (civil) scheme
  • photoetches and resin parts come with the kit

Country of origin: Germany / WWII

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N1K2-J Shiden Kai (George) - Cockpit for Hasegawa kit Scale Barcode
129-4374 1/48 8595593126876

Finely detailed interior set tailored to fit the new Hasegawa’s rendition (with recessed panel lines) of the George, arguably the very best fighter plane of the Japanese Navy in WW2. The set contains also a pre-painted fret with the instrument panel and seat belts.

Country of origin: Japan / WWII

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N1K2-J Shiden Kai (George) - Control surface for Hasegawa kit Scale Barcode
129-4376 1/48 8595593126890

These control surfaces have been meticulously created to fit the Hasegawa’s new offering of the very best Japanese WW2 naval fighter aircraft which features engraved panel lines

Country of origin: Japan / WWII

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Blenheim Mk.I pilot`s and navigator’s  seats – for Airfix kit Scale Barcode
129-4380 1/48 8595593126913

Nicely detailed resin cast pilot’s seat and folding navigator’s seat joined by a pilot’s parachute housed above his seat. These new parts simply replace the kit’s original and somewhat simplified items.

Country of origin: UK / WWII

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Westland Sea King HC.4 Cockpit set for Airfix Scale Barcode
129-7421 1/72 8595593126951

This set is an almost direct replacement of the kit’s rather simplified interior parts. The new resin cast interior offers substantially higher levels of detail in its new crew seats, rear cockpit bulkhead, central console and ceiling panel.

Country of origin: UK / Modern

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Ox Towing Me 163B with a Luftwaffe Ground Crew Scale Barcode
129-F48354 1/48 8595593126746

At the final stages of WW2, the Third Reich faced serious shortage of fuel and to save the maximum amount possible, draft animals were used for taxiing aircraft on airfields, too. Even the most advanced jet and rocket-powered military aircraft such as the Me 262 or Me 163 were often seen in 1945 being towed like a mere middle ages style ox cart. This set contains a figure of a Luftwaffe groundcrew with a draft animal ready to tow a Me 163 Komet on the airfield (the figures have been sculpted based on a period photo. However, a photo of a Bf 109G being towed by such poor animal exists too). The draft animal offered in our set can be used in any other type of diorama as well.At the final stages of WW2, the Third Reich faced serious shortage of fuel and to save the maximum amount possible, draft animals were used for taxiing aircraft on airfields, too. Even the most advanced jet and rocket-powered military aircraft such as the Me 262 or Me 163 were often seen in 1945 being towed like a mere middle ages style ox cart.

Country: Germany / WWII

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Luftwaffe Ground Crew Pulling V1 on Trolley Scale Barcode
129-F32356 1/32 8595593126920

To accompany our Fieseler Fi 103/ V-1 a SH32074 Fi 103A-1/ Re 4 Reichenberg model kits, our designers have sculpted two Luftwaffe ground crew member figures who are, in quite a relaxed manner, pulling a trolley with the V1 missile. This set can be utilized in a differend kind of diorama, too.

Nationality: Germany / WWII

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J2M3 Raiden (Jack) seat with seatbelts for Hasegawa and others kits Scale Barcode
129-Q48340 1/48 8595593126968

Finely detailed pilot’s seat with in-situ moulded belts directly replaces the plastic item in any kit of this Japanese fighter aeroplane.

Country of origin: Japan / WWII

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Siebel Si 204D  'German Transport and Trainer Plane' Scale Barcode
100-SH48170 1/48

DH.100 Vampire 6 'Pinocchio Nose' Scale Barcode
100-SH72391 1/72

Delta Mk.II "RCAF - on snow and water" Scale Barcode
100-SH72353 1/72


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