News from Special Hobby 06/2019


 The June edition of Special Hobby Newsletter is here to bring you the new release which has managed to arouse a huge interest among modellers, in fact they do keep asking about it every single time a new piece of information is revealed on our facebook page and the ratings of our posts and number of shares are simply skyrocketing and breaking every records. This new release is the 1/48 Siebel Si 204D model kit and we are happy to bring you not just this one but also the 1/72 Canadian Vickers Delta Mk.II RCAF 'On snow and water' with both skis and floats, as the name suggests and the Swiss DH.100 Vampire FB.6 ‘Pinocchio Nose’ in the same scale.

  CMK sets for this June focus mainly on Special Hobby kits. There are in total three different sets with underwing ordnance suitable for the Israeli Fouga Magister / Tsukit models. The usage of these sets is not limited just to the Fouga / Tsukit, wide variety of other types in service with the IAF could be fitted with these weapons as well, starting with very early types in the IAF inventory such as the Spitfire or Mustang and ending with Ouragan and Mystere IV jets. The CMK team have also prepared as many as five sets (and more to come) for this May new release, the Special Hobby 1/72 SAAB Viggen kits (and also those reboxed by Tarangus).

  And now we are getting to the sets and kits which are being currently prepared to be released in months to come. Along with the already mentioned 1/72 Viggen sets, we are working on a few more sets for the Hasegawa 1/48 N1K2-J, a couple of 1/48 conversion sets for the Finnish Blenheims and let us not forget the 1/72 French tank ARL-44 in our Military Vehicle range.

  Plastic model kits to reach the market in July are the 1/32 Hi-Tech edition of the Fieseler Fi 103/V-1 flying bomb and the 1/72 JA-37 Viggen in the fighter configuration.


June releases :


Siebel Si 204D 'German Transport and Trainer Plane' Scale Barcode
100-SH48170 1/48

Model of the German twin-engined trainer and transport aircraft portrayed in the Si 204D variety

Content of the model kit: eight sprues, one sprue with clear parts, full colour instructions, decal sheet featuring markings for two German and one Swiss machine.

  • Superbly detailed model, dimension and shapewise accurate
  • Finely engraved panel lines
  • Complet pilot office and cargo compartment
  • Large sheet of decals, printed by Italian Cartograf
  • The type has never been kitted before, with the sole exception of a vacuumformed one

Country of origin: Germany / WWII

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Canadian Vickers Delta Mk.II RCAF 'On snow and water' Scale Barcode
100-SH72353 1/72 8594071085735

Model of the Canada-built Delta fitted with either skis or a pair of floats.
The kit consists of seven sprues, one clear sprue, full colour instructions and a sheet of decals

  • Nicely detailed model
  • Decal options cover two machines with floats and two fitted with skis
  • Unusually-looking aeroplane

Country of origin: Canada / WWII

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DH.100 Vampire 6 Pinocchio Nose Scale Barcode
100-SH72391 1/72 8594071087036

The Vampire first generation jet aircraft was an extremely successful design which was operated by many air forces around the globe, and enjoyed quite a long career in Switzerland. The Swiss air force fitted their FB.6 Vampires with hot seats and later on also with a longer, pointed nose section which gave the plane its unofficial name Pinocchio...

The kit contains: three sprues joined by one clear sprue, sheet of decals and a set of resin underwing stores.

  • Finely detailed model, the very best 1/72 Vampire on the market
  • Decal sheet with four marking options
  • Eye-catching schemes, one of which is adorned with a huge shark mouth on its fuselage
  • Resin parts included

Country of origin: Swiss / post-war

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SAAB Viggen Thrust Reverser Scale Barcode
129-Q72343 1/72 8595593126975

The Viggen thrust reverser petals feature higher level of details compared to the slightly simplified styrene items of the kit. The new ones have beed 3D designed and can be used with any version of the Viggen.

Country of origin: Sweden / modern

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SAAB Viggen Air Brake Set Scale Barcode
129-Q72344 1/72 8595593126982

These resin cast air brakes offer better details compared to the original ones in the kit. They are 3D designed and you can use them to improve any version of the Viggen.

Country of origin: Sweden / modern

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SAAB Viggen Wheels Scale Barcode
129-Q72345 1/72 8595593126999

Superbly detailed, resin cast wheels, the tyres come with nice representation of the tread. 3D designed, direct replacement to somewhat simply-looking wheels in the kit. Fit any version of the Viggen.

Country of origin: Sweden / modern

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SAAB Viggen Ejection Seat Scale Barcode
129-Q72346 1/72 8595593127002

Nicely detailed resin cast seat directly replaces the kit’s original styrene item which obviously could not offer as many details as the new resin one. 3D designed, can be fitted to any variety of the Viggen.

Country of origin: Sweden / modern

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SAAB Viggen Ram Air Turbine (RAT) Scale Barcode
129-Q72347 1/72 8595593127019

This finely detailed resin cast replica of the Viggen’s retractable turbine directly replaces the original, slightly less detailed item in the kit. The set has been 3D designed and can be used with any version of the Viggen.

Country of origin: Sweden / modern

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IAF Fouga Magister (and other planes) - IMI 80mm unguided rockets Scale Barcode
129-Q72348 1/72 8595593127026

This set contains 80mm rocket missiles with two styles of their underwing racks. The fins come on a photo-etched fret. This ordnance was used on Israeli Magisters/Tsukits as well as on a variety of other aeroplanes such as the Spitfire, P-51 Mustang, AT-6 Texan, Ouragan, Mystere IV.....

Country of origin: Israel / modern

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IAF Fouga Magister - IMI 50kg bombs (2 pcs) Scale Barcode
129-Q72349 1/72 8595593127033

These two 50kg bomb replicas offer nice level of details and have photo-etched fins. They were used on the IAF Magister/Tsukit type and on some other types too: the AT-6 Texan, Ouragan, Mystere IV...

Country of origin: Israel / modern

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IAF Fouga Magister rocket pods Scale Barcode
129-Q72350 1/72 8595593127040

This set offers two blocks with unguided rocket missiles as used on the IAF Magister/Tzukit aircraft as well as on the AT-6 Texan, Ouragan, Mystere IV and some others....

Country of origin: Israel / modern

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Fieseler Fi 103 / V-1 'Hi-Tech' Scale Barcode
100-SH32078 1/32

JA-37 Viggen Scale Barcode
100-SH72384 1/72


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