News from Special Hobby 07/2019


   This Spring, as it seems, has got very much to offer for the plastic modeller and kit collector alike:  the 72 scale injection moulded Sunderland and Viggen kits and the quarter scale Siebel Si 204D seem to be breaking all the records of sales. On par with them are the new 1/48 CMK resin sets for the Blenheim, J2M and N1K2-J kits and 1/72 and 1/48 pilot figures for the Viggen kits. Obviously, it makes us very happy.

   During the summer holiday season, we will be bringing you just two injection moulded kits a month, and if you ask why, well even though our team is made of very eager enthusiasts, their wives and partners insist on at least some humble family holidays too. So, the kits to be out this July are the 1/32 Hi-Tech Fieseler Fi 103/V-1 and the JA-37 fighter version of the 1/72 Viggen. In our range of CMK resin sets, we are happy to offer you interior sets for both the single-seater and two-seater Viggen kits, two more sets designed to enliven your 1/48 N1K2J models, soem figures to go with the 1/72 Wellington and a couple more....

July Newsletter brings the following:


Fieseler Fi 103/V-1 ‘Hi-Tech‘ Scale Barcode
100-SH32078 1/32

Model of the German unmanned missile which was used in the offensive against the UK. Following the Allied invasion to France, the missiles were aimed at Antwerp, Liège and Brussels too and launched from land-based sites or from flying aircraft. The kit contains three grey styrene sprues, a decal sheet, photo-etched fret, superbly detailed resin cast parts of the pulse jet engine and full colour instruction manual. The decals cater for four machines.

  • Highly accurate and detail-oozing model
  • Amazing and finely detailed resin cast engine replica
  • Until now, this version has never been produced in 1/32 scale
  • The kit comes with the transport trolley
  • Various colour schemes
  • Accurate decals include a full set of stencils.

Country of origin: Germany / WWII

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JA-37 Viggen ‘Fighter Version’ Scale Barcode
100-SH72384 1/72 8594071086824

Model of the second generation of the Viggen fighter aircraft which featured longer fuselage and more powerful engine.

Content of the kit: eight parts on styrene sprues, one clear styrene sprue, full colour instruction booklet, a sheet of decals

  • highly accurate and finely detailed model, the top notch 1/72 Viggen currently on the market
  • decals cater for three machines one of which sports eyecatching anniversary scheme with red tail fin and a rider on it.
  • wide range of detail sets and figures with ladders available.

Country of origin: Sweden / modern

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N1K2-J Shiden Kai (George) - Armament set Scale Barcode
129-4375 1/48 8595593126883

This nicely detailed set offers the cannon armament in either wing of the best Japanese navy fighter of WW2  produced in model form by Hasegawa. The set consists of four cannon breeches, their respective compartments in both wings, cover panels and photo etched wing structure.

Country of origin: Japan / WWII

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N1K2-J Shiden Kai (George) - Undercarriage set Scale Barcode
129-4377 1/48 8595593126906

This undercarriage detail set fits the new Hasegawa kit of the arguably top fighter aircraft of the WW2 Japanese Navy. Contains not only the wheel wells, but new undercarriage doors too.

Country of origin: Japan / WWII

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Blenheim Mk.I/II Finish AF 1.serie Ski Undercarriage - Fixed Type Scale Barcode
129-4383 1/48 8595593127064

During the long winter months, the Finnish military operated both the original British and indigenously-built Blenheim aircraft with two styles of ski undercarriage. The fixed type offered in this set was mounted directly into the undercarriage nacelles. The resin parts have been designed to fit the new Blenheim model produced by Airfix.

Country of origin: Finland / WWII

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MD-3 Ground Power Unit Scale Barcode
129-7422 1/72 8595593127057

The MD-3 ground power unit was used throughout the 50s and 60s to generate electric power for starting such USAF aircraft as the B-47, T-33 and others with the same power requirements. The master parts of our kit have been 3D designed and produced on a 3D printer. The set also contains a PE fret and a sheet of decals.

Country of origin: USA / modern

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AJ-37 Viggen Cockpit Set Scale Barcode
129-7423 1/72 8595593127071

For the new 1/72 Viggen kit as produced by Special Hobby / Tarangus, a complete cockpit set has been designed by CMK, the new resin parts directly replace the original styrene ones, no surgery required at all. The master parts were designed and produced using our 3D technology. The set also contains a pre-painted photo-etched fret.

Country of origin: Sweden / modern

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SK-37 Viggen Cockpit Set Scale Barcode
129-7424 1/72 8595593127088

For the new 1/72 Viggen kit, respectively for the SK-37 two seater version produced by Special Hobby / Tarangus, a complete cockpit set has been designed by CMK, with the new resin parts directly replacing the original styrene ones, no surgery is needed at all. The master parts were designed and produced using our 3D technology. The set also contains a pre-painted photo-etched fret.

Country of origin: Sweden / modern

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Wellington Crew Pre-flight Check Scale Barcode
129-F72353 1/72 8595593126944

A Wellington crew of three comes in this set, the pilot portrayed sitting in his seat, leaning out of the window and chatting leisurely with the other crew member standing beneath the machine, holding his chute. The third aircrew is leaning against the fuselage bulkhead peering into the cockpit. These three figures have been meticulously sculpted to fit the new Airfix’s Wellington model.

Nationality: UK / WWII

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Q72351 Bf 109G-6 wheels set (smooth and ribbed tyres) Scale Barcode
129-Q72351 1/72 8595593127095

This set has been designed for the new Tamiya Bf 109G-6 model and contains two pairs of the mainwheels with their axle mounts matching the specific Tamiya leg parts. The wheels offer two styles of the tread, one being smooth and the other with the distinctive ribbed pattern. The tyres are weighted

Country of origin: Germany / WWII

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P-40E Warhawk Scale Barcode
100-SH72338 1/72

T-33 'Japanese and South American T-Birds' Scale Barcode
100-SH32066 1/32


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