News from Special Hobby 08/2019

And here it is again, August, the month of summer holidays  and hot weather (and at least here, in the Czech Republic, summers have been exceptionaly hot lately, indeed) and for us at Special Hobby, it is also the time of the IPMS USA which we are going to attend again. Even though some of our customer may spend the summer time enjoying their holidays, we still do believe that all the new kits we have prepared will be interesting for them. I also would like to remind you about the information, sent earlier in another message, that a handful of items from our range of plastic model kits is available now for a reduced price. Do also pay attention to the list of sold-out and discontinued items and please do not order them again.

So, the new kits coming this August are as follows:


P-40E Warhawk  'Claws and Teeth' Scale Barcode
100-SH72338 1/72 8594071086459

The very icon of US WW2 aviation, the Warhawk model E. The kit contains – two grey styrene sprues, one sprue of clear plastic, full colour instruction booklet and decal sheet with markings for four really eye-catching liveries.

  • Higly accurate and nicely detailed model, the best of Warhawks in this scale
  • Easy assembly
  • Incredible price
  • Decals printed by Cartograf cater for two machines as flown from China-based airfields and another two operated from Australia, all of them wearing highly interesting markings and colours, with remarkable operation history and flown by USAAF ace pilots. Three of the hand picked machines wear viciously-looking shark jaws, the fourth one (depicted on the kit’s box) was adorned with a large bird of prey on its rear fuselage and distinctive motifs on either side of its nose
  • Wide range of CMK accessories available, including pilot/mechanic figures.

Country of origin: USA / WWII

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T-33  'Japanese and South American T-Birds' Scale Barcode
100-SH32066 1/32 8594071087173

Model of one of the most famous trainer aeroplane ever built in the US, no else jet trainer has been produced in larger numbers than the T-33. With the exception of Antarctica and Australia, the T-bird was operated world-wide. The kit offers – six styrene sprues, one sprue with clear parts, full colour instruction manual, pre-painted photo etches, resin cast details and a sheet of decals.

  • Nicely detailed model
  • Etches and resin set already in the box
  • Famous machine wearing unique colour schemes
  • Decals offer a sharkmouthed machine flown in Guatemala, a Peruvian T-33 and one as operated by the JASDF.

Country of origin: USA / Modern

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AJ/SK/SH-37 Viggen Control Surfaces Scale Barcode
129-4385 1/48 8595593127101

While on the ground, the Viggen has its elevons, the main wing control surfaces in down position. As the Special Hobby / Tarangus model lacks this feature, we have designed this special resin cast set to enable the modeller to portray their Viggen of AJ, SK and SH versions with these flaps deployed.

Country of origin: Sweden / Modern

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Hawker Hunter F.6 Cockpit Scale Barcode
129-4387 1/48 8595593127118

Finely detailed resin cast set of the Hunter pilot’s office directly replaces the Airfix styrene parts. Our resin pit offers much greater levels of detail.

Country of origin: UK / Post-war

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Hawker Hunter F.6 Undercarriage Set Scale Barcode
129-4388 1/48 8595593127125

Detail set which replaces the original styrene parts of the Airfix kit and offers much more detail than the styrene items. Along with the bays, the set also brings the undercarriage door panels.

Country of origin: UK / Post-war

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Siebel Si 204/Aero C-3 Wheels Scale Barcode
129-Q48352 1/48 8595593127132

Main undercarriage wheels and the tailwheel finely cast in resin bring much higher levels of detail to the genuine star of our 2019 range, the 1/48 Siebel Si 204D. Can be used with the upcoming Czech and French versions of the Siebel as well.

Country of origin: Germany / WWII

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Siebel Si 204/Aero C-3 Pilots' Seats Scale Barcode
129-Q48353 1/48 8595593127149

Comparing with the original styrene items, the seats in this set boast much more details and come with photo-etched belts too.

Country of origin: Germany / WWII

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Siebel Si 204/Aero C-3 Prop Spinners Scale Barcode
129-Q48354 1/48 8595593127156

The CMK resin cast propeller spinners with nicer details than the styrene parts could offer.

Country of origin: Germany / WWII

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Harrier GR.7/AV-8B Harrier II Flaps Scale Barcode
129-Q48356 1/48 8595593127163

These wing flaps have been tailored to fit the Hasegawa kits of the British Harrier GR.7 and the US AV-8B Harrier II vertical take off and landing (VTOL) jets. The flaps can be attached in the down position, very often seen while the machine standing on the ground (or board).

Country of origin: UK / Modern

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FH-1 Phantom 'Marine`s First Jet' Scale Barcode
100-SH72335 1/72 8594071087180

Boston Mk.IV/V Scale Barcode
100-SH72413 1/72 8594071087197


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