News from Special Hobby 09/2019

Well the summer is almost over and all Special Hobby staff are happily back at their offices, having nothing in the way of preparing autumn new releases, both injection plastic and cast resin ones. Now before we get to the September news, let me mention briefly what is in the pipe line for a later period. Due to be released sometime this autumn is the brand new 1/72 scale SMB-2 Super Mystère as operated by the IAF, this boxing being dubbed the ‘Sa’ar – Israeli Storm in the Sky’, then we plan to release a model kit of the CV 707 Vesikko submarine and a quarter scale Aero C-3A 'Czechoslovakian Transport and Trainer Plane'. In our ever increasing range of resin update sets, you will be able to find also a series tailored for the 1/72 model of the PT-109 torpedo boat and a 1/72 cockpit and gun turret for the A-20 Havoc. In 1/48 scale, there are going to be some more sets for the Siebel Si 204D along with some mechanic figures and a couple of sets for the Eduard’s 1/48 Tempest – the Tempest Napier Sabre engine (upper half) and the Tempest Fuselage Fuel and Oil Tanks.

A. Riedel, Product Manager

New models to appear this September:


Boston Mk.IV/V Scale Barcode
100-SH72413 1/72 8594071087197

Country of origin:Model of the twin-engine ground attack and light bomber aircraft wearing colours of the WW2 British and French air forces. The A-20 Boston was a US-produced aeroplane, known as the Havoc within the RAF. The Havoc Mk.IVs and Mk.Vs were the final varieties of the plane which featured a glazed nose section and Martin gun turret and were also operated by No.342 (French) ‘Lorraine’ Sqn.

The box contains: four grey injection moulded sprues, one clear, a sheet of decals and full colour instruction booklet. The decals cater for four machines, three of them in RAF colours and one as flown by the Free French (No. 342 ‘Lorraine‘ Sqn.):

  • Nicely detailed and highly accurate model
  • The very best A-20 on the market
  • Eye-catching liveries
  • Precisely designed decals

​​​​​Country of origin: GB / WWII

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FH-1 Phantom 'MARINES First Jet' Scale Barcode
100-SH72335 1/72 8594071087180

Model of the first carrier borne jet fighter aeroplane of the US Navy which was operated by the US Marines as well, making it the Marines First jet too.

Contents of the box: three grey styrene, injection moulded sprues, one clear styrene sprue with canopy parts, sheet of decals and full colour instructions. The decals bring markings for four US Marines machines.

  • Superbly detailed and accurate model
  • Schemes depicting four US Marines machines operated from aircraft carriers
  • Carefully prepared decals with a set of stencils
  • Also available for this model: Q72325 resin wheel update set

Country of origin: USA / post-war

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AJ/SK/SH-37 Viggen Control Surface Scale Barcode
129-Q72355 1/72 8595593127170

While on the ground, the Viggen has its elevons, the main wing control surfaces in down position. As the Special Hobby / Tarangus model lacks this feature, we have designed this special resin cast set to enable the modeller to portray their Viggen of AJ, SK and SH versions with the flaps deployed.

Country of origin: Sweden / modern

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ARL-44 'The Last French Heavy Tank' Scale Barcode
129-MV122 1/72 8595593127187

Finely detailed model of the last French heavy tank ARL-44. The model was designed using CAD technology and comes with a sheet of decals offering both real and fictious markings. While there were just 60 of the ARL-44 produced in the immediate post war era and have never had the opportunity to lock horns with the enemy, the type has recently became a computer game star. The ARL-44 had been covertly developed yet during the war, fitted with a 90mm gun and heavily armoured..

Country of origin: France / post-war

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Hudson Mk.I-V cockpit Scale Barcode
129-7425 1/72 8595593127194

Resin update set tailored to fit any version of the Hudson. The resin parts are direct replacement of the pilot’s seat and cockpit floor. A photo-etched fret offers a new instrument panel and seat belts. The Hudson model is produced by Special Hobby in two boxings and was also reboxed by Italeri and Revell.

Country of origin: USA / WWII

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PT-109 Boat Life Raft Scale Barcode
129-N72033 1/72 8595593127224

This inflatable transport and life raft comes in the form of a nicely detailed resin cast model tailored for the Revell’s PT-109 torpedo boat. The set contains also paddles.

Country of origin: USA / WWII

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PT-109 Torpedo Tube Breech Door Set (4pcs) Scale Barcode
129-N72034 1/72 8595593127231

The PT-109 torpedo boat (Revell kit) was fitted with four torpedo launch tubes. Their rear sections have quite compound and complex shape and the plastic rendition in the kit is rather simplified which led us to the idea of bringing you a set of new, 3D-designed and superbly detailed breech doors.

Country of origin: USA / WWII

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Hawker Hunter F.6 Wheels Scale Barcode
129-4392 1/48 8595593127200

Detail up date set with the nose wheel and two main u/c wheels designed for the new Airfix kit. Comparing with the kit’s styrene items, these new wheels come with crisp tread detail, weighted tyres and the wheel hubs offer more detail too.

Country of origin: GB / post-war

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Viggen Ground Crew (2 figs.) Scale Barcode
129-F48360 1/48 8595593127217

A pair of ground crew – mechanics to come with your 1/48 Viggen model. One of the figures is portrayed standing upright wearing earmuffs while the other one is crouching beneath the machine.

Country of origin: Sweden / modern

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S.O. 4050 Vautour II 'Armée de l' Air All Weather Fighter' Scale Barcode
100-SH72412 1/72 8594071087234

SMB-2 Super Mystère  'Sa’ar – Israeli Storm in the Sky' Scale Barcode
100-SH72345 1/72 8594071087135

Aero C-3A  'Czechoslovakian Transport and Trainer Plane' Scale Barcode
100-SH48197 1/72 8594071087241


  1. That Vautour would be really nice in 1/48 too. You could really see the detail in the markings then. Just a suggestion. I'm just happy to have the Siebel Transport coming. BTW shouldn't the scale be 1/48?


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