News from Special Hobby 10/2019

Some of the models and sets which were mentioned in the previous instalment of our monthly Newesletter are going to be presented to the readers now, in the October Special Hobby Newsletter. And our team are working hard on the others. We have also decided on unveiling two more projects which are currently in development – these being a pair of Italian WW2 fighter aeroplanes, the Reggiane Re 2000 Falco and Reggiane Re 2005 Sagittario, both in the quarter scale. We expect they can appear on the shop shelves in very early 2020. Both these kits will reach the standards of our latest 1/48 scale models such as the Siebel Si 204, ie with 3D-designed components produced from milled moulding tools. And now, as it seems, these very types are also being worked on by other model companies – but to be honest we are not afraid of this unintended  confrontation, being quite sure of the still-increasing levels of quality of our recent models. And what is in the pipe line before the Italians come out? Due for November release is the first one of the 1/72 Night Fighter Meteors, the NF Mk.12, and it is quite likely that the pre-Christmas market will see the release of yet another model in the limiter Duo Pack & Book series of models.



Aero C-3A  'Czechoslovakian Transport and Trainer Plane' Scale Barcode
100-SH48197 1/48 8594071087241

Model kit of the German Siebel Si 204D training and transport aeroplane, this time in its post-war, Czechoslovak-built variety known as the Aero C.3A. The kit contains nine grey styrene sprues, a single clear parts sprue, full colour instruction manual and a sheet of decals which brings markings for four machines of the Czechoslovak Air Force.

  • Superbly detailed model, accurate both in dimensions and shape
  • Fine recessed panel lines
  • Complete interior which includes also the passenger cabin in both German and Czechoslovak style
  • Large sheet of decals printed by Eduard
  • Never kitted before in this scale, with the sole exception of a vacuum-formed model.

Czechoslovak / post WWII

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SMB-2 Super Mystère  'Sa’ar – Israeli Storm in the Sky' Scale Barcode
100-SH72345 1/72 8594071087135

Model of the French jet fighter as operated by the IAF with a longer rear fuselage housing a J52 US-built jet engine. The kit is produced using steel moulding tools, consists of seven grey styrene sprues and a single clear runner.

  • Nicely detailed and highly accurate model
  • Accurate decals which offer also a set of stencils for three machines wearing various colour schemes as used by the IAF.
  • Plentiful choice of underwing stores already in the box.
  • Resin armament set also available offering higher levels of detail

: Izrael / post WWII

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Vautour IIN ‘Armée de l' Air All Weather Fighter’ Scale Barcode
100-SH72412 1/72 8594071087234

Model of the French all weather, twin jet engine fighter aeroplane. Offers four styrene runners accompanied by a clear one plus a set of resin parts and a sheet of photo etches.

  • Finely detailed and accurate model
  • Four French Air Force machines in natural metal finish with colourful trim
  • Accurate decals with set of stencils
  • Detail resin fuel tanks aslo separately available to enhance the level of detail of your model

France / post WWII

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Tempest Napier Sabre engine (upper half) Scale Barcode
129-4393 1/48 8595593127248

A special set for those wishing to build the Eduard’s Tempest with its engine visible and yet retain the type’s distinctive feature which was the bulky chin radiator. The set offers superbly detailed upper half replica of the Napier Sabre power plant designed using 3D technology and its master parts produced on a 3D printer. The set contains also the engine bulkheads and cowling panels.


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Tempest Fuselage Fuel and Oil Tanks Scale Barcode
129-4394 1/48 8595593127255

This set is a follow-up to the Sabre engine (upper half) set (4393) which obviously can be used individually too. The set brings the oil and fuel tanks and bulkheads located in the upper fuselage in front of the pilot’s cockpit.


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PT-109 Boat Mk.6 Depth Charges (2pcs) Scale Barcode
129-N72035 1/72 8595593127262

A pair of nicely detailed, resin cast Mk.6 depth charges tailored to enhance the new model of the PT-109 torpedo boat. Can be as well used with other models or in dioramas.


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PT-109 Boat Deck Set (Smoke Generator, Ventilation Funnels) Scale Barcode
129-N72036 1/72 8595593127279

The new PT-109 model will certainly benefit from the addition of this set which offers substantially higher levels of detail comparing to the original styrene items.


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Hawker Hunter ejection seat (M.B. Mk.2) Scale Barcode
129-Q48357 1/48 8595593127286

This finely detailed resin replica of the Martin-Baker Mk.2 hot seat will no doubt improve the looks of the Airfix’s Hawker Hunter 1/48 model.

GB / post WWII

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Tp 89 / CASA C.212 'ASW & Maritime Patrol' Scale Barcode
100-SH72402 1/72 8594071087166

CV 707 Vesikko 'Finnish WWII Submarine' Scale Barcode
100-SN72004 1/72 8594071087227

A.W. Meteor NF Mk.12 Scale Barcode
100-SH72360 1/72 8594071087258


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