News from Special Hobby 11/2019

   As it seems, no-one really knows how Brexit is going to turn out eventually, whether it happens in the end and when. Unfortunatelly, this also affects our intended attendance at the Scale Model World in Telford, we cannot tell as for now whether or not we will participate. What we do know though is what models are currently being prepared for you at SH. 

    In the previous edition of our Newsletter, a brand new 1/72 scale family of the Meteor night fighters was mentioned as well as the Reggiane Re 2000 Falco and 2005 Sagittario, both in the quarter scale. While the earlier is about to arrive on the hobby shop shelves these days, the latter will need some more time to do so – we think you might expect them in very early 2020. But from your posts on Facebook we really can say that you guys waiting for the Regiannes are already becoming quite impatient.

   The end of this year is going to be topped off with the release of yet another of the Duo Pack & Book series model, which will offer the Mirage F.1 kits this time, in both the single seat and two seat version in many colourful and eye-catching schemes accompanied, of course, by a photographic publication on the subject.

The Vesikko Submarine model was originally meant to appear on the market
this November. However, we need to put the release date off until
December because of some technological issues with the moulding tools.
We are deeply sorry for that.

   A. Riedel


SH 89 / CASA C.212 'ASW & Maritime Patrol' Scale Barcode
100-SH72402 1/72 8594071087166

The CASA C.212 is a Spanish turboprop-powered STOL cargo aircraft that has seen service with a wide range of countries and flew in many different roles, one of them being maritime surveillance and patrol. Machines fitted for this sort of tasks carry radar antennae in distinctive, duck beak like shaped radomes at the front of the fuselage as well as some more electronics equipment within the airframe.

  • Highly accurate and nicely detailed model
  • Precisely designed sheet of decals offering markings for two Swedish airframes in different colour schemes, one Malta-based machine and a Spanish one.
  • Specific antenna arrays made of resin and photo-etches
  • Double-slotted wing flaps – resin set no.7407 – is recommended for discerning modeller

Operators: Sweden, Spain, Malta/ modern

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A.W. Meteor NF.Mk.12 Scale Barcode
100-SH72360 1/72 8594071087258

The final generation of the Meteor jet fighters was produced by Armstrong Whitworth. Unlike the earlier versions, these were two-seater, night and all-weather fighter machines equipped with a radar in the nose. In the early stages of the Cold War, they defended the UK against the threat of Soviet bombers carrying nuclear weapons. The Meteor Mk.12 version was fitted with a US-manufactured APS-21 radar known as the AI Mk.21 in RAF service.

  • The best 1/72 NF Meteor kits currently available  (Matchbox kits were released in 1987)
  • Highly detailed small parts
  • Four RAF marking schemes

Operators: GB/post WWII

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Harrier GR.7 interior Scale Barcode
129-4395 1/48 8595593127309

This set offers a new, detailed resin cast interior made for the Hasegawa’s Harrier GR.7. The new parts are a direct replacement for the kit’s less-detailed item. Photo-etched parts are incuded.

Operators: GB/Modern

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Tempest Mk.II Bristol Centaurus engine  (port side profile) Scale Barcode
129-5131 1/32 8595593127361

A port side half of the Tempest’s Bristol Centaurus powerplant as used in the Mk.II version of the British fighter aeroplane. The installation in the kit is rather straightforward and despite the open port side engine panels, the profile of the airframe remains undisrupted.

Operators: GB/ WWII/-post WWII

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Siebel Si 204/Aero C-3 Airman (cleaning canopy glazing) Scale Barcode
129-F48358 1/48 8595593127354

This set offers a resin figure of a ground crew member portrayed while polishing the nose glazing of a Siebel Si 204 / Aero C-3A aircraft. The airman stands on a pair of steps with a bucket put beside him. The master pattern was designed on a period photograph, hence the very natural and realistic-looking pose of the figure. 
Can be used as either a German Luftwaffe or Czechoslovak Air Force mechanic (the post-war CzAF personnel wore ex-German gear)

Operators: Germany/Czechoslovakia / WWII/-post WWII

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B-25C/D pilot`s cockpit and radio compartment Scale Barcode
129-7428 1/72 8595593127330

This resin set comes with a fret of photo etches and brings much more details to the Airfix’s new B-25 Mitchel. The areas which will no doubt benefit from the addition of this set are the cockpit and the radiooperator’s compartment. The PE fret offers a new instrument panel, handwheel of the control column, rudder pedals and seat belts.

Operators: USA, GB/WWII

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JA-37 Viggen Cockpit Set Scale Barcode
129-7430 1/72 8595593127347

This set is intended to be used with a model of the final and longer version of the Viggen, the JA-37. The resin parts of this set are identical to the parts of set no. 7432, the difference is in the fret of photo etches which reflects the changes in instruments incorporated to this version.

Operators: Sweden/Modern

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Hawker Hunter ejection seat with seatbelts (M.B. Mk.2) Scale Barcode
129-Q48358 1/48 8595593127293

This is a detail resin replacement Martin Baker Mk.2 hot seat made for the Airfix’s Hawker Hunter kit. The seat come with seat belts moulded in situ.

Operators: GB/post WWII

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Focke Angelis FA 223 Drache 'Captured' Scale Barcode
100-SH48201 1/48 8594071087159

S.O. 4050 Vautour II 'IAF' Scale Barcode
100-SH72410 1/72 8594071087265

Mirage F.1 Duo Pack & Book Scale Barcode
100-SH72414 1/72 8594071087289


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