A pair of Phabulous Phantoms - Two 1/72 F-4J Phantoms (Hasegawa) with CMK sets as built by Martin Pfeifer

Martin Pfeifer, our long time, trusty collaborator, has so far built as many as eleven 1/72 scale F-4 Phantom models. Two of them, both of the F-4J version are here now for you to admire. These are built from Hasegawa kits with the addition of some home-made details (weapon racks and tailhooks) as well as using  CMK sets no. 129-Q72190 (wheels) and 129-Q72225 (nose u/c leg), one of the model also has a resin IFR probe instaled, set CMK 129-Q72310. Both aeroplanes wear the markings of units that once operated from USS Independence carrier and they are going to be proudly displayed on a 1/72 scale partial replica of the USS Independence deck which has already been built by another modeller and a colleague of ours, Mr.Vladimir Kazda.



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