SH72358 Meteor NF Mk.11/13 in 1/72 fuselage - first test shots

   Even though we have already many times informed about our intentions to produce each and every version of the night fighter Meteors, some eager modellers keep asking whether besides the recently released NF Mk.12 could be also produced the other remaining NFs.  So, once and for all, yes of course we plan to do so, and frankly we would not do ourselves a good service if not as the first boxing of the NF 12 Meteor does sell like hot cakes.
   And let us provide you with a more tangible response today in the form of a couple images depicting the very first fuselage sprues of the coming NF 11/13 Meteors. We still need to get rid of some minor flaws in this mould, but it has already become clear that you can expect this version to hit the market sometimes during the first half of 2020. And let us tempt you even more, the first of NF Mk.14s is supposed to come later the same year.


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