News from Special Hobby 01/2020

Dear Business Partners,
At the beginning of January 2020, we are introducing a new scheme how to inform you about the availability of our new products. These new items are going to be announced quarterly so that you would be able to pass the information onto your customers and allow them to get ready for the new products from Special Hobby and CMK. A complete list of these new products in an Excel chart will be sent to you, including the respective prices.
Every tenth day of a month, we will be announcing the availability of our new products for the month, the products which at the time will already have been packed and prepared for all the customers. Example: on the 10th of January 2020, all January new products will be announced, all these products will be immediately made available and we will also announce all expected new items for the first trimester of the year 2020. At the same time, you will receive the January edition of our Newsletter where you will find photographs and all nedded information on the new products. In the case that we will  not be able to prepare all promised new items in the scheduled  trimester of the year, these will be transfered to the next one. On the 10th of February, we will send you a list of new product for the month, while the list of the expected new items for the second trimester of 2020 will not be sent until the 10th of April 2020. 

New Products Announcement Schedule for every Trimester:

 10 January 2020 – 1st trimester 2020
 10 April 2020 – 2nd trimester 2020
 10 July 2020 – 3rd trimester 2020
 12 October  2020 – 4th trimester 2020
 11 January  2021 – 1st trimester 2021
 12 April 2021 – 2nd trimester 2021
 12 July 2021 – 3rd trimester 2021
 11 October 2021 – 4th trimester 2021

The Nuremberg Toy and Model Fair is getting closer and so we would like to invite you to visit our stand E52 in Hall 7, we are looking forward to seeing you there. There are plenty of new and interesting kits coming this year, so come visit us and learn more about them.


Potez 25TOE ‘For France – anytime, anywhere’ Scale Barcode
100-SH72407 1/72 8594071087319

The Potez 25 biplanes enjoyed long and faithful service with the French military, it lasted from the 1920s until the end of WW2. The TOE version of the biplane was primarily destined to fly in the France’s overseas colonies. 
The kit offers four interesting and colourful scheme options, a Vichy machine boasting distinctive red-yellow stripes which saw service in French Indochina in 1942, a pre-war airframe with white stripes on its top wing, an Aeronavale machine which was operated over mainland France in 1940 and finally a Free French Potez as used in Syria in 1944. 

  • highly accurate and nicely detailed model
  • four machines illustrating the type’s long service for France
  • meticulously designed decal sheet
  • photo-etched parts are included too

Operators: France/pre WWII-WWII

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CV 707 Vesikko ‘WWII Finnish U-Boat’ Scale Barcode
100-SN72004 1/72 8594071087227

Built in Finland, Vesikko was in fact a prototype of the German Type II submarine class. Vesikko, also known by her manufacturing code CV707 was introduced to service with the Finnish Navy in 1936 and went on to serve until  1944.  She took part in both the Winter and Continuation Wars and in 1959, she became a permanent exhibit in Suomenlinna fortress and is displayed there ever since.
•    Accurate and detail-oozing model
•    Photo etches, resin parts and metal periscopes included in the kit
•    Various colour schemes illustrating the submarine’s long service career which spanned from 1936 till 1944

Operators: Finland/WWII

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Spitfire Mk.XIV ‘'Bubble Canopy’ Cockpit Scale Barcode
129-4397 1/48 8595593127408

This resin set directly replaces all the styrene interior parts of Airfix’s Spitfire Mk.XIV kit. Besides the resin items, you will get also a fret of photo etches.

Operators: GB/WWII and post

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A-20 Havoc/Wing Racks and Bombs Scale Barcode
129-Q72359 1/72 8595593127415

The A-20 Havoc bombers of the USAAF, and mainly those flown over Europe, were able to carry their bomb load not just internally in the fuselage bomb bays, but under their wings too, using specially designed bomb racks. These racks were uniquely shaped and braced on one side to the wings This set is designed to fit any of the Special Hobby/MPM A-20s, offers the racks as well as the bombs and consists of resin and photo etched parts

Operators: USA/WWII, post-WWII

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German WW1 Airmen - pilot (H.G.) in flight suit, pilot in uniform and mechanic Scale Barcode
129-F72362 1/72 8595593127460

A trio of standing figures, two officers and a mechanic of the Imperial German Air Service.  One of the officers bears striking resemblance to Hermann Goering and wears his flying suit, the second of the officers is in the uniform and the mechanic is portrayed in workwear.

Operators: Germany/WWI

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MD-3 Ground Power Unit Scale Barcode
129-8058 1/48 8595593127422

The MD-3 ground power unit was used throughout the 50s and 60s to generate electric power for starting up engines of such USAF aircraft as were the B-47, T-33 and many other with the same power requirements. The master parts of our kit have been 3D designed and produced on a 3D printer. The set also contains a PE fret and a sheet of decals.

Operators: USA/modern

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F4F-4 Wildcat Interior Scale Barcode
129-7434 1/72 8595593127439

This set for the Aifix kit completely replaces the kit’s cockpit parts which lack many of the interior detail. The set also brings the landing gear bay bulkhead, a fret of photo-etched parts and a clear pre-printed film. The etches offer the instrument panel, seat belts, some more cockpit detail and also the actuation chain on the undercarriage bay bulkhead.

Operators: USA/WWII

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F4F-4 Wildcat Dinghy Set Scale Barcode
129-7435 1/72 8595593127446

This set is designed to be used with the Airfix model and offers an open dorsal compartment with the inflatable dinghy. The installation to the model is easy and straightforward and the set provides eye catching extra detail to your model.

Operators: USA/WWII

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