News from Special Hobby 03/2020

   Throughout February, our end customers kept their eye on our social media much closely than they had before. And this is just very humble description. We put it down to the ever increasing levels of accuracy and quality of our models which goes hand in hand in the increased customers‘ interest in them. The information we published at the time of the Nuremberg toy fair only supported this. If it is going to be reflected in the number of orders, we do have something to look forward to. And especially the colleagues in the warehouse and packing centre.

  Our new 1/72 Heinkel He 162 Spatz was heavily on the radar of businessmen, journalists and the modellers themselves at the event, while the SMB2 Super Mystere / Sa’ar Duo Pack & Book was among the most watched upcoming projects. However, our March Newsletter is not just bringing information on these two models, we have a new Special Mask addition to our range as well as a lot of new resin detail sets, three of which cater for the new 1/72 Beaufighter Mk.X  and two more have been designed for the Supermarine Swift in the same scale. And we have a couple more Beaufighter sets in the pipeline too. Last but not least, we also have a new pilot figure for you.

A. Riedel


Heinkel He 162A Spatz ‘German WWII Jet Fighter’ Scale Barcode
100-SH72341 1/72 8594071087371

   The Heinkel He 162A Spatz was to join the many and various Wunderwaffe projects supposed to save the German Third Recih from the final defeat. The programm was also know as the Volksjäger (People’s Fighter) and saw limited service at the very end of the war.

  • Finely detailed and highly accurate model
  • Four Luftwaffe options decal sheet
  • Resin sets and die-cut canopy mask to be available soon

Germany / WWII

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SMB-2 Super Mystère/Sa’ar Duo Pack & Book Scale Barcode
100-SH72417 1/72 8594071087364

The SMB.2 is a French jet fighter aeroplane of the 1960s which saw service not just with the French Air Force, but in Israel and Honduras too and made its name mainly in combat missions flown by Israeli pilots over the Middle East. The box contains two complete kits of the Super Mystere / Sa’ar jet and a really superb photographic book on the type from Ra’anan Weiss of Isradecal.

  • two nicely detailed and very accurate model kits in one box, each of which offers both engine tail pipe versions.
  • decal sheets printed to maximum quality by Italian Cartograf bring two French, three Israeli and one Honduran marking options.
  • the kit also offers a superb photographic take on the type with plethora of preciusly unpublished photos charting its service with the IAF
  • resin cast hot seat for the Honduran option.

    France / Israel / Honduras / post WWII
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Reggiane Re.2005 Mask Scale Barcode
100-M48002 1/48 8594071087470

designed for Special Hobby‘s Reggiane Re.2005 kit

Italy, Germany / WWII

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Beaufighter TF Mk.X Cockpit Scale Barcode
129-7437 1/72 8595593127514

The set is meant to be used with the latest Airfix kit and completely replaces the styrene cockpit parts, including the formers and stringers behind the pilot’s office. The resin cast parts joined offer much nicer details and are joined with a fret of photo etches (instrument panel, seat belts, control column handweel and some more) for even greater effect.

Great Britain  / WWII / post WW

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Beaufighter TF Mk.X Main Undercarriage Bays Correction Scale Barcode
129-7438 1/72 8595593127521

This set is labeled as correction as it in essential way alters the look of the wheel bays of the Airfix’s 1/72 Beaufighter kit. The original styrene ones are much too simplified. The new resin cast bays have not only correct shape but also all the important details and features missing from the kit.

Great Britain  / WWII / post WWII

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Beaufighter TF Mk.X Dinghy Set Scale Barcode
129-7439 1/72 8595593127538

For operations over the sea, Beaufighters carried an inflatable dinghy stowed in the port wing compartment placed between the wing root and engine nacelle. Our set brings the option to portray this compartment open, a prominent detail but a simple one to incorporate to your model too.

Great Britain  / WWII / post WWII

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129-7440 1/72 8595593127545

These resin control surfaces bring much nicer levels of detail including panel lines completely missing from the original kit items. And you can also pose the surfaces as deployed.

Great Britain  / post WWII

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Supermarine Swift Ejection Seat (M.B. Mk.2) Scale Barcode
129-Q72360 1/72 8595593127590

This ejection seat was used not just with the Swift, you can add it some other models too. Detailed resin cast of the seat comes with etches portraying seat belts and ejection handles. The latter is in two styles as seen in service, one as fitted in the Swift, the other for the rest of aircraft using this hot seat.

Great Britain  / post WWII

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US pilot with full pressure suit (for SR-71, U-2 and other planes) Scale Barcode
129-F48363 1/48 8595593127583

The set contains a standing figure of a pilot in a high altitude, full pressure suit, with a flying helmet under his arm and a portable oxygen supply box in the other. The figure can be used with such aircraft as the X-15, U-2, SR-71 and some others which were flown at altitudes requiring the suit.

USA / post WWII / modern

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