Q72361 Heinkel He 162A Wheels in 1/72 - master pattern photos

Spring 2020 sees the release of our real little gem, a superbly detailed 1/72 scale model kit of the German WW2 Heinkel He 162A Spatz jet fighter. Although the levels of detail of this diminutive model are very fine indeed, we have decided to bring a couple of sets for those who always want something not everyone has. As for now, we have four such sets up our sleeve, two of them in our Quick&Easy range: Q72361 Heinkel He 162A Ejection Seat and Q72362 Heinkel He 162A Wheels. The other two are ‘complete’ CMK sets: 7444 Heinkel He 162A Gun Bays and 7445 Heinkel He 162A Engine (BMW003 jet engine). Today let us share with you two images showing the master patterns of the Q72362 Wheel set, seconds before being used for making the silicone moulds.


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