News from Special Hobby 04/2020

   Last month saw the release of the 1/72 scale Heinkel He 162A, the most recent new addition to our ever increasing range of preciselly kitted aircraft models. Have you bought it yet? What, you haven’t? You really should get your one now as this is the model kit we are so very much proud of. And it also sells superbly, even in these tough times, which as it seems favour indoor hobbies. And making precise model replicas is such a sort of hobby, innit? 
So, we do believe that the models we produce, the ever increasing quality they possess and the diversity of the range we offer will help you overcome the current hardships and distress of the lockdown caused by the nasty bug. Our minds are with all of you who happen to live in the worst-affected areas, with all the model retailers and distributors. We definitely are with you, so do stay with us too. And we keep making new models and sets for you, still. 
   Our April Newsletter brings you information on the release of yet one more kit of our family of 1/72 Swedish Viggens, you will also read about the first 1/48 boxing of the Italian WW2 Reggiane Re 2000 fighter plane. The majority of resin sets to appear on the market this month covers subjects from our own range, there are rather simple sets to begin with such as the Supercharger Air Intake for the 1/48 Re.2005 or quite complex and elaborated ones as well, for example the Si 204/Aero C-3 Engine. And no worries please, we do not ignore kits from other world famous companies, in fact we have several rather interesting sets for them this month, let me point out the Pz.38(t) Ausf. E/F Engine Set in 1/35 scale, which is really an outstanding set in the CMK range, one of the largest we have made lately. And there are also new additions to the range of pre-cut spray masks.
A. Riedel    


SF-37 Viggen ‘Swedish Eyes’ Scale Barcode
100-SH72390 1/72 8594071086831

 Reconnaissance version of the Viggen aeroplane, can be distinguished from all the others by having a different-shaped nose section carrying photographic cameras instead of radar equipment.

  • superbly detailed and really accurate model
  • decals for three machines including the anniversary airframe with a painting of the lone wolf on its tail
  • wide range of detail resin sets, pilot figures and pre-cut canopy masks available too 
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J-20/Héja I 'Re 2000 Export Birds' Scale Barcode
100-SH48208 1/48 8594071087296

This boxing covers the Re 2000 Italian WW2 fighter wearing colours of two foreign operators. The airframes which saw service with the Hungary air force fought on the Eastern Front while the Swedish ones watched over the neutrality of this nordic country. The kit contains four styrene sprues and one with clear canopy parts. The wing sprues are based on the Classic Airframes model, all the others are brand new, small parts are produced using metal moulds.

  • nicely detailed and accurate model
  • decal options cover two Hungarian airframes one of which was flown István Horthy de Nagybánya who was killed while flying this machine, and two Swedish options.
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Pz.38(t) Ausf . E/F Engine Set Scale Barcode
129-3142 1/35 8595593127477

This really is an awesome set portraying the complete engine compartment of the Czechoslovak tank as used by the German Wehrmacht. The set consists of the engine, tanks, radiator with fan, air intake filters and other engine accessory equipment.

  • highly accurate set offering excellent surface detail
  • meticulously 3D designed
  • unlike other Pz.38 sets, it does contain period air filters, not the modern ones as often shown in museum display vehicles
  • correct shape of the radiator fan
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Siebel Si 204/Aero C-3 Engine Scale Barcode
129-4386 1/48 8595593127576

Following some more straightforward and easy-to-build-in sets and a couple of figures, we now have prepared a bit more complex set for 1/48 Siebel Si 204 / Aero C-3 family kits which portrays the complete engine installation. The set consists of an engine nacelle with open cowl panels (finely detailed of course too) and the engine compartment beneath them. The other side nacelle is left closed, but this way you get the same levels of detail on both nacelles.

  • as the set contains both right hand and left hand side engine nacelles (open / closed) , your model will display equal levels of detail on either side
  • the set also contains photo-etched engine wiring and piping of the displayed engine
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A-4B/Q  Skyhawk  Undercarriage Set Scale Barcode
129-7436 1/72 8595593127613

One more set to bring more detail to your Airfix A-4 Skyhawk model. It replaces the original wheel bay which are lacking essential detail. To retain the depth of the main undercarriage wheel bays, these come with the surrounding wing area as well.

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Phantom FG.1 Cockpit Correction Scale Barcode
129-7441 1/72 8595593127606

This set completely replaces the original parts of the kit, which do lack many of the detail and essential components. The resin replacement items bring substantially more detail and are more complex, too. A fret of photo etches is also supplied.

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Reggiane Re 2005 Main Wheels Scale Barcode
129-Q48364 1/48 8595593127675

The 1/48 scale  Reggiane Re 2005 was released this February and  now we have a couple of detail sets plus a canopy pre-cut masks to make your modelling experience more enjoyable.
This newsletter sees two of the sets, namely the cast wheels which incorporate higher levels of detail compared to the original in the kit and the tyres are also weighed and come in one part, so you do not need to assemble them from the halves.

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Reggiane Re 2005 Supercharger Air Intake Scale Barcode
129-Q48366 1/48 8595593127682

The Fiat RA.1050 RC-58 (DB 605) powerplant installed in the Reggiane Re.2005 airframes had a characteristic feature, its supercharger air intake mounted on the port side fuselage. In the kit, this part has to be modelled using two halves, now you are offered with a single-piece item, all you need to do is cut away the casting block and use instead of the styrene intake. It also offers much finer surface detail.

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Heinkel He 162A Ejection Seat Scale Barcode
129-Q72361 1/72 8595593127620

The exquisite He 162A  kit simply will only flourish with some more attention, even though the cockpit as it is now is more than busy. Why not use a resin cast hot seat then? A fret of photo etches comes along, too.

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Heinkel He 162A Wheels 1/72 Scale Barcode
129-Q72362 1/72 8595593127637

A weighed tyre set which incorporates even finer levels of surface detail than the He 162 kit items.

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Martin-Baker Mk.6 Ejection Seat / for SMB-2 (FAH) and others 1/72 Scale Barcode
129-Q72363 1/72 8595593127668

A resin cast hot seat, the life-size pattern of which was used in a wide variety of airframes, British ones as were the Buccaneer, Italian as the MB-326 or Fiat G.91 and even French or Israeli ones as the whole family of the Mirage III / Kfir / Dagger jets, the Super Etendard or even the Argentine Pucara.

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