News from Special Hobby 05/2020

Last week, the Special Hobby Blog and Facebook page brought the rendered image of the first sprue of our upcoming 1/72 Mirage III/5 family of kits. And to put it just very mildly, the news aroused really great interest among the modelling community. I think  we can expect a really successful autumn this year. But let us not jump to conclusions, there still is spring outside the windows. Unfortunately, this year seems to be quite different from the previous ones. But perhaps we are lucky as we keep avoiding the disease, the factory is still running, making, supplying and preparing new exciting models and sets for you. 
  So, this spring brings you, among other stuff, also the re-release of the 1/72 scale Piaggio P.108B Italian four-engined bomber containing also one new sprue of styrene parts. And as this re-release is available in a limited amount only, do not hesitate and grab yours while it still is around. I would also like to recommend to your attention our new 1/48 Grunau Baby model, which arguably was the most widespread pre-war era glider. This kit has been designed using our 3D CAD CAM equipment and is produced using metal type moulds. There is also a new version of the Sunderland in the making just now, this is to be the war-era Mk.III variety in boxing named the ‘U-boot Killers‘. Two of the picked aiframes have an enemy submarine each under their belts, so to speak, whilst the third one is famous for winning a combat against German Ju-88 long range fighters. 
   The new resin kits and sets also cannot be omitted, really very interesting is the new series of the new JLTV US military vehicle models. These resin kits contain clear resin cast windows, and the first to become available in the hobby shops is already mentioned in this month’s newsletter. So and here they are, our new products to appear on the shelves this May:


Spitfire Mk.XII against V-1 Flying Bomb Scale Barcode
100-SH48192 1/48 8594071087333

A pair of kits in one box portraying a flying Spitfire Mk.XII tipping over a V-1 buzz bomb with its wing. The correct position of both models is provided by the means of a two-arm stand. And of course, we have to mention that the Spitfire is being flown by a resin cast pilot figure. 

  • two models in one box
  • resin pilot figure added
  • decal sheets providing markings for four Spitfire schemes and three various V-1 options
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Fouga CM.170 Magister ‘French, Belgian and Irish Service’ Scale Barcode
100-SH72371 1/72 8594071087531

The Fouga Magister was a French jet trainer aircraft which was used by a large number of oprators, not only in Europe. This boxing brings decal schemes for  French, Belgian and Irish options.
four grey styrene sprues and one clear canopy sprue.

  • four marking options, two as flown in France (one of which sports an anniversary scheme), one operated in Belgium and one in the Republic of Ireland
  • nicely detailed model
  • resin detail sets also available for any Fouga boxing: Seats Q72227, Wheels Q72228, Pilots and a Mechanic F72306
  • for Israeli boxing, we have also designed armament sets: Unguided Rockets Q72348, Bombs Q72349 and Rocket launchers Q72306.
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A.W. Meteor NF Mk.11 ‘Nato Users’ Scale Barcode
100-SH72358 1/72 8594071087494

This British all weather twin jet fighter aeroplane not only served quite a long time with the RAF, it was also exported with considerable success to a number of NATO countries as well as to the Middle East. 

  • four grey styrene sprues, one clear plastic sprue.
  • decal sheet covering three options come with a full set of airframe stencils
  • marking options for a Belgian, French and a Danish machines
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Folland Gnat/Ajeet Mask Scale Barcode
100-M72004  1/72 8594071087449

This mask is for the Gnat and Ajeet Special Hobby kits (SH72137, SH72322, SH72370).

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AH-1G Cobra Mask Scale Barcode
100-M72007  1/72 8594071087562

This mask is for the AH-1G Cobra Special Hobby kits. The mask for the open parts of the canopy is two-sided.

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Heinkel He 162A Engine (BMW 003 jet engine) Scale Barcode
129-7443 1/72 8595593127651

Nicely detailed resin cast replica of the BMW 003 jet power plant which has been designed specially for our new Heinkel HE 162A model. The engine was mounted on the top of the fuselage and when the clamshell cowling doors are left open, all the nice and crisp details are shown to  good advantage 

  •  extremely accurate set with superb levels of detail
  • 3D designed
  • contains also new cowling doors with the internal structure detail
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Heinkel He 162A Gun Bays Scale Barcode
129-7444 1/72 8595593127644

A pair of MG 151/20 guns mounted in the fuselage directly behind the cockpit was the standard armament of the He 162A jet fighter. This set is designed for the new Special Hobby’s He 162A and consists of resin cast gun bays and access panels for either side of the fuselage. The bays come with in-situ cast guns and can be very easily placed in the fuselage openings, so no surgery is required. 

  • very easy and straightforward assembly
  • 3D designed
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SMB-2 Fighter Pilot + Two Ground Crew (Israel Air Force) Scale Barcode
129-F72364 1/72 8595593127712

This set portrays an IAF pilot sitting in his office and chatting with two members of the ground crew – one of who is standing on the wing, holding on the top fuselage while the other is standing on the ground beside the plane. 

  • IAF airmen figure sets are quite scarce on the market, so our set is a very welcome addition
  • the poses are natural, based on period photographs
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M1280 General Purpose Configuration ‘Joint Light Tactical Vehicle’ Scale Barcode
129-MV124 1/72 8595593127743

All resin cast model of the new US military JLTV vehicle which currently replaces the iconic Humvees. The bullet proof windows are cast from special clear resin.

  • the M1280 has never been kitted before
  • pattern parts are 3D designed
  • come with various alternative items such as the exhausts, winches etc.
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Reggiane Re 2005 Tailwheel with Strengthened Leg Scale Barcode
129-Q48365 1/48 8595593127699

This set is designed for the Special Hobby’s Re 2005 kit and offers new tailwheel and its leg which is cast from special, heat-treated (hardened) resin. The wheel is made from standard material  and offers higher levels of detail compared to the original kit item.

  • another one of the sets specially designed for a new SH model
  • tough tailwheel leg with details better than the kit offers
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Reggiane Re 2005 exhausts Scale Barcode
129-Q48367 1/48 8595593127705

Special Hobby’s Re 2005 kit will benefit from the addition of this set which brings new exhausts and the manifold fairing strips. 

  • details are nicer that on the original styrene items 
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Heinkel He 162A Wheels Scale Barcode
129-Q72368 1/72 8595593127729

Older He 162 kits from various manufacturers (Dragon, easy kit Hobbyboss, Revell...) can boost their appearance with our detailed resin cast wheels with weighed tyres.

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