News from Special Hobby 06/2020

   The Coronavirus plague seems to be in the decline, finally, at least here in Europe. Restrictions are being eased, borders are being opened and travel opportunities are getting wider every day. Let us hope that the whirl of modelling shows and competitons gets underway again soon, it looks like we might have the first ones sometimes in the late summer. And yes we do hope that the modelling community will be able to get to gether again as they did before the pandemics. Apparently, modellers keep building and are enjoying their hobby even more than ever. So, there should be plenty to look at, really. Meantime, it still is necessary to share just photos of the finished builds on social media. And it makes us really very happy that great many of you keep sending the pictures of their marvellous builds on our facebook page, we cannot be grateful more.
   As we would not be able to finish our second Sunderland boxing, model SH72304 Sunderland Mk.III ‘Uboat-Killer’  in time for this month’s release, we had to fill the gap with something else, and quite an unique thing it is - a reconnaissance variety of the British Gnat jet fighter, the Gnat FR.1. The postponed Sunderland is expected to appear in our July Newsletter. Our team are also working on another version of the 1/48 Reggiane Re 2000 model, along with a few resin sets and masks. In the pipeline, we also have some CMK sets for the Airfix 1/48 DH-82 Tiger Moth, namely the cockpit correction set, very nicely detailed resin cast engine and a few more to move the levels of detail even higher. All of these is based on the data gathered while preparing our forthcoming 1/32 scale Tiger Moth kit. And we are also working really hard on finishing the 1/32 Westland Whirlwind which should get released sometimes this autumn.



Piaggio P.108B ‘Quadrimotore’ Scale Barcode
100-SH72406 1/72 8594071087357

   The Piaggio P.108B gets back to our portfolio again after some time. But what is new now is the nose that comes in two styles, both with and without the front turret. The main difference from the previous release, however, is the all new set of resin detail parts and a styrene sprue offering a couple of small items. All these new additions have been 3D designed. 
   The P.108B was the only Italian WW2 four-engined bomber aeroplane to flew long range missions against Gibraltar and targets in Africa.

  • a re-release offering some new parts
  • two styles of the front fuselage
  • decal sheet with four options, including one captured machine as flown by US pilots
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Grunau Baby IIB/Nord 1300 'Over Western Europe' Scale Barcode
100-SH48203 1/48 8594071087340

   Before and during WW2, the Grunau Baby IIB became the most widely used glider around the world. It is estimated that some 6000 of them were built. Our model has been 3D designed and is injected using metal moulds. One of the three offered marking options was flown by two-time world champion in glider aerobatics Almagro Castellanos.

  • 3D designed, metal tooling
  • decals for British, French and Spanish options
  • highly accurate and nicely detailed model
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Folland Gnat FR.1 ‘Finnish Recce Fighter’ Scale Barcode
100-SH72419 1/72 8594071087517

   The Folland Gnat fighter aircraft was operated mainly by the military of Finland and India. Two of the Finnish airframes were delivered in the Gnat FR.1 reconnaissance variety equipped with a set of cameras in the nose section. They were coded GN-112 and GN-113 and flew recon and mapping sorties. They, however, retained their cannon armament and ability to fly in the fighter role, too.     
   The model comes on three grey styrene sprues and two made of clear plastic. The decal sheet covers both Finnish recon machines.  

  • unusual and interesting variety of the Gnat
  • the decals offer a full set of stencils
  • wide variety of wing armament
  • masks and detail sets also available: M72004, CMK 7332,7333, Q72236, Q72237
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Recon Lightning Conversion Set Scale Barcode
129-4398 1/48 8595593127750

     This conversion sets brings the modeller the opportunity to turn their new Tamiya P-38F/G (item no.61120) into the first combat-deployed recon version of this unique aircraft. The set consists of new resin nose parts and clear camera windows  made from special, heat treated clear resin. The decals cater for a USAAF machine as operated from New Guinea and a RAAF one as flown from bases in northern Australia.

  • conversion set for the recon version of the P-38F/G Lightning
  • coontains resin parts, clear resin parts and a sheet of decals
  • marking options: 1x USAAF a 1x RAAF
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A-20G/H/K/J Havoc/Boston Mk.IV/V cockpit Scale Barcode
129-7426 1/72 8595593127316

   Detail resin cast cockpit with photo etches for late A-20 Havoc/Boston bombers. The set also contains the life raft behind the pilot’s office. 

  • detail cockpit set for Special Hobby A-20 model kits
  • contains also a fret of photo etches.
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A-20G/H/K/J Havoc/Boston Mk.IV/V Gun turret Scale Barcode
129-7427 1/72 8595593127323

  Detailed resin gun turret and the fuselage directly beneath the turret, designed for the late versions of the A-20 Havoc/Boston with the Martin turret and twin 12.7mm gun.

  • detail turret set for late A-20s as kitted by Special Hobby
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B-25C/D Nose Compartment (Bomb Aimer's Station) Scale Barcode
129-7429 1/72 8595593127767

   The new Airfix B-25C/D will benefit from the addition of our new set with the bombardier’s station in the nose of the aircraft. The set also brings a new bulkhead, fuselage sides, floor and machine guns. It all is accompanied by photo-etched ammo belts and seat belts.

  • detail bomb aimer’s compartment set for the Airfix kit
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B-25C/D Dinghy Scale Barcode
129-7445 1/72 8595593127774

  For the case of an emergency landing on the sea, the B-25 Mitchells were equipped with a large inflatable life raft in the upper fuselage compartment in front of the dorsal gun turret. This compartment and the stowed dinghy is offered in our set.

  • open B-25 dorsal compartment with a dinghy. 
  • designed for the Airfix kit
  • eye-catching detail, straightforward installation
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Beaufighter Mk.X Armament - Wing Gun Bays Scale Barcode
129-7447 1/72 8595593127781

  The British versions of the Bristol Beaufighter carried six 7.7mm machine guns in their wings. The armament was placed asymmetrically, two guns in the port wing and four in the starboard wing. Our set offers these open armament bays with the cover panels and all the guns. 

  • open gun bays in the Beaufighter wing, for the Airfix kit.
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M1278 Heavy Guns Carrier‘Joint Light Tactical Vehicle’ Scale Barcode
129-MV123 1/72 8595593127729

   An all resin kit of the new US JLTV military vehicle. The type is currently replacing the Humvee in service. The bullet proof windows  are made of special clear resin. The M1278 version is fitted with an armored gun turret on the roof of the vehicle.

  • the first ever kit of the JLTV vehicle in this scale.
  • master patterns have been 3D designed.
  • various alternate parts such as the exhausts, winches etc.
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  1. Some nice stuff coming. May I suggest that lovely Gnat in 1/48 scale?


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