News from Special Hobby 07/2020

   The previous installment of our regular monthly Newsletter brought the informantion about the delayed release of the ‘Uboat-Killer’ Sunderland Mk.III model kit. Now, we are happy to announce that the model is finally prepared to appear in the shops. More on this further in today’s newsletter. And this model alone is a guarantee that the coming summer will not be any sort of off-season. In advance, I can reveal that in August, by releasing Amelia Earhart’s Red Vega 5, we are going to commemorate that brave woman and the sad anniversary of her disappearance in the summer of 1937. 
   As you, modellers and customers keep asking whether we really are working on the release of the 1/32 scale Tiger Moth kit, we feel the need to confirm it as a fact now and we also do believe that this new release will make many of you really happy. And we cannot forget to mention many other models and sets which are to appear on our offer in coming days and weeks. This summer will see the release of the 1/48 CA-25 Vinjeel (in Planet Model range) as well as resin and photo-etched wing flaps for Airfix’s 1/48 Hawker Hunter. Later in the year, you may be looking forward to the release of a couple of brand new model kits as for example the Ki-54 or Mirage III in 1/72 or the Whirlwind in 1/32 as well as the re-release of some long-sold out kits which have during the time turned into really expensive collectors‘ items. These are for example the Heinkel He 177A-3 and Heinkel He 115 in 1/48 or the 1/72 scale Boomerang.
A. Riedel


SB2A-4 Buccaneer ‘US Marines Bomber’ Scale Barcode
100-SH72303 1/72 8594071087500

The SB2A dive bomber aircraft was designed by Brewster during WW2 to be operated primarily from aircraft carriers. Although the type was produced in several various versions, it was used only for training. The British military used the type under their own name of Bermuda. A similar version was also developed for the air force of Dutch East Indies (ML-KNIL), but in the end was not delivered as the Dutch surrendered. The SB2A-3 saw service with the US Navy whilst the dash 4 variety, as brought to you in our recent release, belonged to the US Marines inventory. The decal sheet offers markings for three US Marines airframes bearing both the two- and three-colour schemes and one fictious machine as it might have looked like had it been acquired by the Dutch.

  • US naval dive bomber
  • the SB2A-4 was operated by the Marines
  • decals for three US Marines options and one as would have been flown by Dutch East Indies (they in fact wanted to buy the type)
  • the kit contains resin parts and etches
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Short Sunderland Mk.III ‘U-Boat Killers’ Scale Barcode
100-SH72304 1/72 8594071087524

   This is a model of one of the most famous flying boats in the history of aviation. The Mk.III variety was built and saw service during the war times, being introduced to operational use in the turn of 1941-42. Compared with the earlier versions, it featured an improved hull step and was equipped with power-operated gun turrets. Because of its long range capabilities and heavy armament, the type proved a very dangerous opponent to Kriegsmarine’s u-boats which was also able to defend itself against long range fighters of the Luftwaffe. These abilities are very well illustrated by the chosen airframes in the kit, two of which can boast with a sunk submarine and the crew of the other managed to defend themselves against eight attacking Ju 88s, shooting down three of them in the end.

  • model of a British flying boat in the anti-submarine version
  • decals for three British (1x Canadian, 2x Australian sqdns) and one French airframe
  • extremely detailed interior
  • panel lines to scale
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Reggiane Re 2000 Serie I Scale Barcode
100-SH48204 1/48 8594071087302

      Just before the outbreak of WW2, the Reggiane Re 2000 took part in the competition for the standard fighter which was to serve with the Italian air force. Even though the type offered quite high performance, it eventually did not win, so the most of the production was offered for export. The Regia Aeronautica, however, decided to give the type a try and deployed it mainly in the dangerous operations against Malta. 
   The model kit contains four styrene sprues and one with clear parts. The wing sprue has its origins in the Classic Airframes kit while all the other components are brand new, the small ones being produced from metal moulds. 

  • Italian WW2 fighter aeroplane
  • three eye-catching marking options bearing the Italian mottle camouflage pattern
  • we also offer separate resin sets and pre-cut masks (to be found in this very newsletter)
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Reggiane Re 2000 Mask Scale Barcode
100-M48003 1/48 8594071087609

  Pre-cut spray masks for the canopy and wheels of Special Hobby Reggiane Re 2000. Instrument panel decal is also offered here, which was not included on the decal sheet of SH48208.

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Pz.38(t) Ausf. E/F Engine Set Scale Barcode
129-8059 1/48 8595593127804

  The set offers a truly excellent engine compartment for the model of a Czechoslovak tank as used by the German Wehrmacht. The set comprises the engine, fan and radiator, air intake filters and other equipment. The set is designed to be used with Tamiya kit no.32583.   

  • highly accurate set offering excellent detail
  • 3D designed
  • it features the period type of air filters, not the more modern ones as often seen in museums
  • correct shape of the radiator fan

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F-5A Recon Lightning Conversion Set Scale Barcode
129-4399 1/48 8595593127798

   The P-38 Lightning fighter was the basis for various conversions, many of which were to serve in the photo-reconnaissance role, equipped with a dedicated camera nose section and designated the F-4 and F-5. These airframes were one of the very best recon machines of the war. The F-5A was created using the P-38G version. When Tamiya released their new P-38 model, we simply cannot but jump to the opportunity and prepare these resin conversion sets. Besides the new resin nose, the sets also offer clear camera windows made from special, oven-baked clear resin. The modeller will also get a sheet of decals for two interesting-looking options and a set of pre-cut masks. The airframes portrayed will no doubt appeal to the modeller, the first one bears striking jaws, a couple of pin-up girls and some titling on its nose, the other one, whilst not being so very visually pleasing, is definitely one of the most famous P-38-based aircraft ever as it was, on several occasions flown by the immortal French character, pilot and a writer Antoine de Saint-Exupery. 

  • conversion set to make the recon machines from P-38F/G Lightning / Tamiya No. 61120
  • contains resin parts, clear resin parts, decals, masks
  • colour options 1x USAAF and 1x FAFL
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F-104G/J Electronic Box Scale Barcode
129-4400 1/48 8595593127859

   A whole new range of attractive sets is currently being prepared for the new Kinetic F-104. The first to appear on the market is the front starboard side Electronics Box.

  • open electronics bay and panel on the forward stbd side, designed for the new Kinetic F-104 family of kits
  • straightforward assembly into the model
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F-104 Engine Scale Barcode
129-4401 1/48 8595593127866

   Another one of the F-104 sets for the Kinetic model offers the open engine bay as found in the lower mid fuselage. When in open position, the ground crew can check maintain the powerplant. The set consists of only a handful of rather large, but nicely detailed resin items.

  • open belly panel gives a nice partial view of the engine
  • designed to fit the new Kinetic F-104 kit
  • easy to built into the kit
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Reggiane Re 2000 Main Wheels Scale Barcode
129-Q48371 1/48 8595593127811

  Tyres with manufacturer’s logo and highly detailed hubs are the main features of these resin wheels offered for any reboxing of Special Hobby’s Reggiane Re 2000

  • detail wheels for  Special Hobby kits (SH48204, SH48208 and any further re-releases)
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Reggiane Re 2000 Tailwheel with Strengthened Leg Scale Barcode
129-Q48372 1/48 8595593127828

   Finely detailed tailwheel and its leg made of special, oven baked and hardened resin. Designed for Special Hobby Re 2000 releases.

  • special heat treated, tough resin leg and tail
  • for Special Hobby kits (SH48204, SH48208 and any future re-releases)
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Reggiane Re 2000 Exhausts Scale Barcode
129-Q48373 1/48 8595593127835

   These resin exhausts offer finer details compared to the original styrene ones. Easy to replace item, made for any release of Special Hobby’s Reggiane Re 2000   

  • detail exhausts replace the original styrene parts
  • made for Special Hobby kits (SH48204, SH48208, more to come)
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Reggiane Re 2000 Headrest Scale Barcode
129-Q48374 1/48 8595593127842

   In case of an accident and the machine turning over, the head of its pilot was protected by a headrest mounted on a special pyramid-shaped structure. The resin item in this set offers higher detail levels compared to the styrene part provided in the kit.

  • detail headrest directly replacing the original styrene part.
  • meant for Special Hobby kits (SH48204, SH48208 and any further re-releases)
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Reggiane Re 2005 Main Wheels Scale Barcode
129-Q72375 1/72 8595593127873

   The pair of nicely detailed main wheels as offered in this set is designed for the Sword kit and was simply adapted from the wheels Q48364 originally made for our own kit. They can be used with models of other manufacturers, too. 

  • detail wheels for Sword and other kits
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