SA72020 Sd.Kfz 131 Marder II (7,5 cm PaK 40/2)

Those of you who read our regular monthly Newsletters will have already known that a couple of steel moulding tools have recently been acquired and incorporated into our portfolio of 1/72  military vehicle models. These models originate in MK72 company and it simply does not mean anything else than you should expect top end quality. The first model to be released under Special Armour brand is to be the SA720020 Sd.Kfz 131 Marder II (7,5 cm PaK 40/2) and today, we have a handful images here to show you the test build sample. Martin Pfeifer, the model builder, had at first been rather moody, grumbling something about tiny midgets. When he finally finished the model, he had nothing but words of admiration, for the easy build and perfect fit of the parts….


  1. That's very good news, a honour to have this kits in your "Special Armor" line.

  2. When will be possible to order or buy it ? I am searching for this model for a very long time and those news are very exciting.



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