News from Special Hobby 10/2020

     This year is a year of many a change for the whole world. Should I review the first half of 2020 now, I would say it has been a really succesfull year as far as Special Hobby is concerned. Growth in turnover, increasing sales volumes of the new products in the first months of their appearance on the market alongside with the increased interest in our models in general. All this allowed us to make investmens in new machinery and the preparations of the new models. It also fills us with optimism, which frankly is rather needed these days. 
   As our company is so successful, one of the smaller Czech-based semi-garage kit companies even started copying some of our earlier models. One of their ‘new releases’ is based not just on our kit´s parts, they borrowed without even asking the building instructions too. This company does not mind taking and copying parts from Czech and also other world model companies, effectively sponging on the development and effort of other companies. Besides, they keep announcing and producing the very models others already have in development. This sort of sport leads us to not reveal our plans for the future until the very last moment. This is also the case with the current 1/72 scale SIAI-Marchetti SF-260 and it´s larger cousin in the quarter scale.  
   Great commercial success is also to be expected with the upcoming 1/72 Mirage III project. Our team are working hard on the model now and we expect it to hit the shop shelves in the first quarter of 2021. First test shots should be available in about fortnight. The new 1/32 Westland Whirlwind is also due for release sometimes very early in 2021, needless to say this model is also being worked on very hard. 
   One of our October new items is yet one more of the excellent 1/72 military vehicles which moulding tools have been purchased from MK72 company, this one being the Sd.Kfz.10. Before the end of this year, we plan to release our own development, the Sd.An.115 – a WW2 German flatbed trailer, used for transporting light tanks and armoured vehicles (Marder II, Sd.Kfz 250 etc.). Further new releases  to become available before the end of the year should be the 1/72 Gunship version of the A-20B/C Havoc/Boston and the re-release of the 1/72 Prone Pilot Meteor F.8 kit. 
   The CMK range of resin sets designed for the 1/48 F-104 Starfighter (Kinetic kit) will be joined by two styles of resin cast wheels. And the 1/72 F-14 Tomcat (Academy kit), to which we currently carry the resin wheels, will no doubt benefit from the new cockpit sets, open cannon compartment and engine bay. We are also working on a conversion set for the 1/72 CAC Beaufighter Mk.21 and a German set of tools used for aeroplane maintenance. So, as you can see, plenty to be looking forward to this autumn – at least as far as Special Hobby production is concerned. 

   A. Riedel


Sd.Kfz 10 Zugkraftwagen 1t (Demag D7) Scale Barcode
100-SA72021 1/72 8594071087777

   The smallest of German half-track vehicles as breathtaking 1/72 model. The moulding tools were purchased from the MK72 company which had been awarded Model of the Year when the kit had been originally released.
   The Sd.Kfz. 10 was a multi-purpose half-track military vehicle used for carrying troops and other tasks. The basic version Sd.Kfz.10 could also tow lighter artillery weapons such as anti-tank or anti- aircraft guns or Nebelwerfer rocket launchers. During the production, more powerful tow system was installed which enabled towing anti-tank cannons of up to 75mm bore or even the sIG 33 heavy infantry gun. The Sd.Kfz.10 saw service throughout the duration of the war, from the attack on Poland until the capitulation in May 1945. The decal sheet in the kit brings markings for two grey-coloured and two camouflaged machines.

  • model of a German half track vehicle  
  • the best model of this type in 1/72
  • decals for 4 machines (Poland 1939, Yugoslavia 1942, Soviet Union 1942, Czechoslovakia 1945.)
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X-15A-2 ‘White Ablative Coating’ Scale Barcode
100-SH32081 1/32 8594071087722

   Model of a 1960s hypersonic aircraft which, until today, holds the world’s speed record for the fastest manned plane. It was also the first aircraft to reach the altitude regarded as the boundary between the earth atmosphere and the outer space. Knowledge gained during the development of the X-15 and the test flights was substantial for the Apollo programme and aero and space research.
   This reissue offers the X-15A-2 as it looked before its final flight when W.J. ‘Pete’ Knight reached the world speed record. The kit can be built on the transport cart or even put on a stand in a flight configuration with the dummy ram jet under the fin. The kit contains finely detailed resin parts including the ram jet, photo etches, plastic stand and a decal sheet with markings for the plane wearing the white ablative coating. 

  • the only X-15A-2 in 1/32 scale   
  • detail resin parts and etches contained in the kit
  • allows display the model either on its transport cart or as in flight on a stand
  • only limited number available
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V-156F Vindicator ‘Aéronavale Service’ Scale Barcode
100-SH48213 1/48 8594071087647

   In the effort to get modern military aircraft, France bought larger numbers of US machines in 1939. Among them also the V-156 Vindicator dive bombers. The French version was designated the V-156F and differed significantly from the US machines – it was not fitted with the arrestor hook below the fuselage and instead carried air brakes in the wings. The V-156Fs also got French armament - machine guns, and underwing racks and bombs. Even though they were tested on board of the Béarn carrier, France operated them from land bases only. All of them were eventually destroyed during the Battle of France in 1940.
   This release offers the excellent Accurate Miniatures styrene parts joined by a new injection moulded French-type wing, new windscreen, photo-ethches and detail resin parts. The decal sheet caters for four French machines, one wearing a camoulfage scheme, three in grey over-all.

  • interesting aeroplane in rather unusual version
  • detail resins and etches already part of the kit
  • only limited number available
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V-156F/SB2U Vindicator Mask Scale Barcode
100-M48004 1/48 8594071087821

   Not just for our SH48213 V-156F release but for all other Accurate Miniatures’ Vindicators can be used this paint mask – to mask the clear parts, both the closed and open canopy, and also the undercarriage wheels.    

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DH.82 Tiger Moth Cockpit Entry Hatches (4pcs, open) Scale Barcode
129-4412 1/48 8595593128054

   New cockpit hatches which offer much more detail than those of the new Tiger Moth model kit. The Tiger Moth pilots entered the cockpit from the port side or if the need be opened the doors on both sides. The Airfix model offers the doors open only on the starboard side. Our set fixes this omission and the new hatches can be posed either open or closed.

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DH.82 Tiger Moth Mainwheels and Tailskid w/Wheel Scale Barcode
129-4413 1/48 8595593128061

   The resin cast main undercarriage post-war Tiger Moth wheels feature finely rendered and crisp detail as well as the manufacturer’s logo. On top of that all, the resin set also brings three styles of the wheel hubs, both on the outboard side of the wheel and the side close to the wheel axle. These three styles are as follows – a simple hub without any cover, a hub with a plain cover and a hub cover with the manufacturer’s initials. The tailskid with a wheel is made of special, very hard and heat treated resin material to endure the weight of the model.

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Buccaneer S.2C Cockpit Scale Barcode
129-7449 1/72 8595593128078

   Detailed pilot’s and navigator’s offices for Airfix’s Buccaneer S.2C model. The set contains new cockpit tub, seats and more detail items cast from resin, joined by etched instrument panels and side consoles.

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Buccaneer S.2C Port Engine Scale Barcode
129-7450 1/72 8595593128085

   This set brings the port-side engine service panel and the compartment beneath it, which is situated on the top fuselage aft of the port side air intake. Designed for the Airfix’s Buccaneer S.2C model. 

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F-14A Tomcat Wheels Scale Barcode
129-Q72377 1/72 8595593128092

   These new and finely detailed wheels are designed mainly for the new Academy F-14A.

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F-14D Tomcat Wheels Scale Barcode
129-Q72378 1/72 8595593127880

  The later F-14D Tomcat version featured different style of wheel hubs and tyre tread as offered in this set.

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MiG-21 PF/PFM Pilot (in High Altitude Pressure Suit) and Ground Crew (2 fig.) Scale Barcode
129-F72366 1/72 8595593128115

  These two figures, one depicting a pilot wearing a high altitude suit while the other is a member of the ground crew, will nicely accompany the Eduard MiG-21 jets.

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Luftwaffe WW2 / CS post-war Aircraft Mechanic Scale Barcode
129-F48367 1/48 8595593128122

   This astonishing figure portraying an airframe mechanic possess really natural pose. The mechanic walks and carries his toolbox. The figure can be used both with war-time German Luftwaffe models and in an immediately post-war Czechoslovak scene. 

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