News from Special Hobby 12/2020

   I do hope that the surprise we brought you in the previous instalment of our regular Newsletter was a pleasant one. Judging by the numbers of sold 1/72 Messerschmitt Bf 109E Emils, it indeed was a surprise much welcomed. Given the feedback from the retailers, reviewers and you, modellers, we are sure that all of you, or at least the majority of you like that latest achievement of our skilled designers and toolmakers. I also need to say that our team is currently working hard on the second boxing of the kit and on a couple of detailing sets as well. The version which is to come next would be the E3 variety of the Emil and is to hit the market not later than in February 2021. And the end of this year will be topped off with a trio of plastic model kits, the Gunship version of the A-20A/DB-7C Havoc/Boston, Meteor Mk.8 Prone Pilot and the Sd.Ah 115 Tank Trailer, all of which come in 1/72 scale. And we of course cannot deprive you of the regular dose of CMK resin detail sets. All the mentioned models will conclude that unusual and rather weird 2020, though we have to admit it has been a good year for us, rather successful really. 
   What the next year will be like is hard to predict now. But what I can say now for sure is that the new year is going to be a different one. On the turn of January and February, it was usual for us all to meet up at the Nuremberg Toy Fair. We used to see and greet our business partners, get to friendly terms with the competitors and display the new models. Unfortunately, this is not to happen this time. So, it means we will need to showcase our latest achievements a different way, on-line on social platforms. The Nuremberg week has always been very demanding, but it simply is a part of our work. So it makes me really very sad we will not be able to shake hands and mull over the new kits at our stand, discuss your future orders and requirements. We will also miss the city in the evening, working dinners with the clients and friends and all the fun around it. So, I do believe that the world will get back to its usual self eventually and we will see each other at  the Nuremberg Fair in 2022.
  But now, before meet up again, we have a whole new year 2021 ahead of us. I am sure you will spend the new year with us and surrounded by our kits. We are going to do our very best for you to enjoy it. And if I may reveal a little something of all the stuff coming in 2021, I will say that you should start looking forward to our 1/32 Whirlwinds, 1/72 family of Mirage IIICs and equally huge project of 1/72 Two-Stage Mosquitoes. And some surprise, too, of course. They are going to be a integral part of our business plan for the new year 2021 too. And last but not least, allow me to thank you for your support and favour and wish you only the very best in the year to come. 



A-20A/B/DB-7C Havoc/Boston ‘Early Gunships’ Scale Barcode
100-SH72423 1/72 8594071087692

   The American A-20 Havoc light bomber and ground attack aeroplanes and their Boston variety used by the Commonwealth were among the most important, WW2 types of this category. They were put into service in almost every theatre of operation. To fit the low level ground attack role, they were often adapted for carrying machine guns in the forward fuselage were known as the so-called Gunships. Such version is now the subject of this kit, which offers one US machine as flown over Africa and one as operated in the Pacific. The latter enjoyed almost a double life, this fact faithfully reflected in the decal sheet too. While on its thirteenth sortie, it got hit by an enemy AA and was written off after a crash landing. However, as it turned out, the machine was repaired by local ground crew and was then used to deliver food and liquors to New Guinea from mainland Australia. We have also added a third option as well, this one was an Australian DB-7C Boston which flew with the RAAF and had 186 combat missions under its belt. The ship was often repaired and its patch appearance makes it quite attractive for the modeller.

  • attractive version
  • eye-catching schemes and decals
  • resin cast detail parts already in the box
  • pre-painted photoetches available separately
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Sd.Ah 115 German tank transport trailer Scale Barcode
100-SA72022 1/72 8594071087838

   The Sd.Ah 115 trailer was designed for transporting light weight tanks such as the Pz.I, Pz.II, Pz.38(t) or Pz.35(t), but on its flatbed, it could carry any military vehicle of a total weight of up to 10 ton. To pull the trailer, heavy lorries Faun L900 or Büssing-NAG 900A were often used. Those vehicles were able to carry one tank on their platform and another one on the Sd.Ah 115 trailer. In field, a Sd.Kfz 7 half track vehicle could also be used to pull the trailer. The Sd.Ah 115 trailers were seen in service throughout the war, mainly during the Polish and French campaingns. They were used to transport military vehicles to the front line and also to remove wrecked or damaged vehicles to repair yards or even to move enemy’s captured vehicles.

  • until now, the Sd.Ah 115 has not been kitted in 1/72 scale yet
  • sharp details
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Meteor Prone Pilot Version Scale Barcode
100-SH72424 1/72 8594071087760

   In the 1950s, when military aircraft were beginning to reach the sound barrier, it was supposed that the pilot should fly in the prone position so that he could better withstand the expected enormous g-loads. A Meteor Mk.8 airframe was converted to carry such type of pilot’s cockpit, which was simply fixed to the fuselage in front of a standard cockpit. And the kit of this version is now being offered again, this time in the Special Hobby range.

  • attractive-looking type
  • unusual version of the Meteor
  • limited quantity only
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German Ace H. Wick's Bf-109E-4 Stipple Camouflage Scheme Scale Barcode
100-K72031 1/72 8594071087883

This decal sheet offers the special mottle type camouflage scheme as often seen in use with JG2. The pattern was also applied to Helmut Wick’s Yellow 2 machine. As it might prove rather tricky to make such scheme by the means of using a brush or airbrush, we bring you these decals to make your modelling life easier. Designed to fit the new Special Hobby SH72439 Bf 109E-4.

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DAP Beaufighter Mk.21 Conversion Set Scale Barcode
129-4406 1/48 8595593128153

This converison set gives you the possibility to turn your Revell Beaufighter Mk.X into the Mk.21 variety, which was licence-built in Australia for the RAAF. The set contains resin conversion parts, vacuum-formed observer’s canopy hood and a sheet of decals for two RAAF airframes. One of the offered machines had a fancy drawing on the nose, the other had a ‘tail art’ on the rudder.

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German WWII Aircraft Maintenance Toolbox Scale Barcode
129-4415 1/48 8595593128238

      This resin cast toolbox set nicely fits any diorama with German (and other as well) aircraft and military vehicles. It also is a nice follow-up to the quartet of Luftwaffe ground crew / mechanics already on offer (F48357, F48358, F48359 and F48367).

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F-14A Tomcat Cockpit Scale Barcode
129-7452 1/72 8595593128245

   Finely detailed resin cockpit tailored to fit the new Academy F-14A. The cockpit tub, hot seats and a few other items come with a fret of photo-etches.

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F-14A Tomcat Port Side Cannon Installation Scale Barcode
129-7453 1/72 8595593128252

   This resin cast set portrays the open rotary cannon compartment and fits the new Academy F-14A kit. The edges of the cannon box and ammo belts are made from etched brass.

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F-14A Tomcat F-14A Tomcat Port Engine Scale Barcode
129-7454 1/72 8595593128269

   Open port side engine servicing panel, to be used with the new Academy F-14A Tomcat.

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