News from Special Hobby 01/2021

I would like to wish all our customers only the very best in 2021. We believe the upcoming year is going to be much better than the last one. Although 2020 was not unsuccessful for our company at all. Our plans for the first half of 2021 seem to be, at least to us, very interesting. One of the most exciting models we are going to release this spring is, no doubt, the Westland Whirlwind Mk.I in 1/32, which is in the final stage of preparations now. Just before being finished is yet another project which originates in our cooperation with Eduard. After the exquisite Bf 109 E-4, the Bf 109 E-3 version is going to hit the market this February, after that we are going to jointly produce the Tempest Mk.II. Our boxing will offer the so-called Hi-Tech style with resin detail parts including a partial replica of the engine with some of the cover panels open. The fire which struck Eduard company only made our collaboration deeper. We were more than happy to offer them the free capacity of our injection machines, to help them recover from the loss of their sprues stock. It also means the Tempest Mk.II kit will most likely be produced using our injection machines. And more joint projects will follow, too. 
   Another new kit of our own production you can expect this spring is the taller (or precisely, more bulged) canopy version of the SF-260 in 1/72. This type is being prepared also in 1/48, with both canopy styles. And the turbo-prop version SF-260TP will also follow, in both scales of course. Another highly attractive model will no doubt be the first of the 1/72 Mirage III/5 family. We will also bring you one more re-release of an older Mirage F.1 kit, as well as its reboxing with new schemes. The Mirage F.1EQ/ED is still quite sought after so we have decided to restock it. Sometime during the spring, a new reboxing will be released, this one portraying the South African F.1AZ/CZ version. Our range of WW2 aircraft will benefit from the addition of a couple of version of the Japanese transport and training aircraft, the Tachikawa Ki-54. You can start looking forward to one more 1/72 P-40 and the range of post-war jets will welcome a new member as well, the 1/72 A.W. Meteor Mk.14.
  In the first half of 2021 we also plan to release the reboxing of another company’s kit -  Academy ‘s 1/72 AT-6G Texan. We will supply new injected canopy parts as well as a set of resin parts to convert it into the earlier war-time AT-6/SNB version,as well as the Harvard Mk.IIB-IV produced for the Commonwealth.
  We are also preparing some more kits of various military vehicles which will be available under the Special Armour label. There will be kits made from the molds we bought from the MK72 company and those of our own design and production. The first kit from the MK72 molds will be the 1/72 Sd.Kfz. 250/1 Alte Ausf. A.
   Let me also point out a couple of detail sets from the CMK range, namely those for the new 1/72 Bf 109E kit. Several various resin sets will also be prepared and offered for the new Mirage III and Whirlwind kits. We are also working on a couple of finely detailed figures in various scales. And last but not least, we will soon offer you a couple of new tools for working with resin. 
  We hope and believe that all those things I have mentioned above and which are going to be available during the first half of  2021 will be interesting to you, our dear fellow modellers and customers. We look forward to hearing from you and getting your orders.


Focke Wulf Fw 189B-0/B-1 ‘Luftwaffe Trainer’ Scale Barcode
100-SH72430 1/72 8594071087845

   The twin-boom Focke Wulf Fw 189 was not just the Fw 189A reconnaissance aircraft, there were also several ground-attack prototypes and a batch of Fw 189B training aircraft which differed from the recon version by having a streamlined fuselage nacelle able to carry a crew of up to five trainee pilots. The undercarriage as well as some minor details on the engine nacelles were of a different style, too.
   A kit of this plane was already offered in our Condor range long time ago. Now it is going to get back, after almost a decade – with a new sheet of decals and resin air intake parts which were not included in the original kit. The kit marking schemes offer three various machines, two grey overall and one wearing the standard Luftwaffe splinter scheme – this one has been based on a couple of photos taken at Prague-Ruzyne airfield.   

  • unusual version of an unusual aircraft
  • interesting, so far unknown scheme
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EoN Eton TX.I/SG-38 ‘over West Europe’ Scale Barcode
100-SH72442 1/72 8594071087739

   Model of the German SG-38 school glider wearing colour schemes of foreign operators. The SG-38 was the most widespread school glider of the inter-war period as well as during WW2. It was also manufactured in the UK as the Eton TX.1. The colour schemes bring two British planes, and a Swedish, Belgian and French ones. The box contains – a styrene sprue with nicely moulded parts, a sheet of decals and an instruction booklet.

  • Interesting colour scheme of various operators
  • Finely detailed model
  • Unusual appearance
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Focke Wulf Fw 189B Mask Scale Barcode
100-M72012 1/72 8594071087913

Pre-cut painting mask for SH72430 Focke Wulf Fw 189B as kitted by Special Hobby.

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Tempest Mk.V Fuselage Fuel and Oil Tanks Scale Barcode
129-5132 1/32 8595593128276

  The Tempest fighters had their fuel and oil tanks placed in the forward fuselage between the engine and pilot’s cockpit, beneath a common covering panel. The tanks as offered in this set are designed for the Special Hobby kit, which is now also reboxed by Revell. The tanks, cover panels, fuselage bulkheads and other parts have been all 3D designed, the master patterns produced on a 3D printer. The set can be used alone or together with CMK 5110 engine set or the half-engine from kit SH32070.

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Hurricane Wing Armament (8 guns) Scale Barcode
129-7451 1/72 8595593128191

   This set has been designed for the new Arma’s Hurricane and brings open wing armament compartments with eight Browning .303 machine guns. The set also contains the covering panels and photo-etched ammo feeds and half-ribs.

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Sd.An 115 Wheels Scale Barcode
129-B72104 1/72 8595593128313

   Detail resin wheels with tyres featuring much better tread pattern than those produced in plastic, which will substantially enhance the look of the new Special Armour’s German tank trailer. 

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Bf 109G German Pilot, seated (for Eduard kits) Scale Barcode
129-F48368 1/48 8595593128290

   One more of the exquisite figures portraying sitting pilots  (those for the Spitfire, Tempest and P-51D kits are already on offer), this guy is designed for Eduard’s Bf 109G kit.

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Bf 109E ace A. Galland and mechanic Scale Barcode
129-F72369 1/72 8595593128337

   A figure of the German ace fighter pilot and his mechanic. Galland, wearing ex-RAF leather flying trousers has just left the cockpit of his mount and hands his life jacket over to the ground crew. He has lit up his cigare and it seems as if he is giving some important instructions to the mechanic. Galland’s arm and the cigar are a separate cast item.

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F-104C Wheels Scale Barcode
129-Q48383 1/48 8595593128283

   Detail wheels for Kinetic F-104C kit.

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Beaufighter - Hedgehog Flame Damper Exhausts / British Type Scale Barcode
129-Q48386 1/48 8595593128320

   Hedgehog exhausts with realistic detail. These exhausts replace directly those found in the Revell kit.

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