1/72 Texan/Harvard canopy tools and some more...

Special Hobby are going to release ex-Academy AT-6 Texan models, it is not a secret any more, and a couple of days ago we did receive the poly bagged sprues. What is needed to turn the kit into the announced war-time Texan and Harvard? Well, a new canopy for a start, then also new exhaust manifold, control columns, venturis... While the canopies will be injected using standard metal-type moulding tools, the other parts have first been 3D printed and these patterns will serve to make the resin conversion parts which you will find in the kit. Mentioning the metal canopy tools, you can spot the taller SF-260 canopy specific for the later versions of the type. And besides the Texan/Harvard printed patterns, there are also a couple more for the 1/48 tempest Mk.II (half-engine replica, wheels) and the 1/32 Whirlwind (wheels).


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