‘Le Monstre Français’ - the ARL-44 (MV122) in diorama built by Alfred Riedel

 Having finished the resin  1/72 ARL-44 heavy tank (Military Vehicles series CMK kit no. MV122), Alfred was thinking of a way to display the real size and proportions of the French beast - which in actual fact exceeded even that of the King Tiger and other WW2 heavy tanks. It crossed his mind that on tank training grounds sometimes in 1947, an ARL-44 might very well have passed by an abandoned and long time rusting Pz.IV. So, first he made a base which would provide the ARL-44 with a proper place under the sun and then he took his previously finished Revell Pz.IV tank, removed its mudguards and other unnecessary equipment and rusted it a bit, too. As he says, this was his first attempt to make such a diorama, and he hopes you will be kind with your judgements. Nevertheless, he is rather happy with the outcome which does give the right impression of the sheer size of the French Monstre.


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