News from Special Hobby 03/2021

   Unfortunately, the situation in the Czech Republic has not been good for a couple of months. The Covid pandemics affects every aspect of the life here, including the production of the plastic model kits. Even though the Special Hobby employees, just for a few expections, had not contracted the disease, the quarantines, isolations and the need to work from home do complicate the situation even further. So, the models previously scheduled for March release, ie. the 1/32 Whirlwind, 1/48 Tempest and the 1/72 Harvard Mk.II/IIA/IIB, will most likely have to wait until April. During March, we will able to offer you just two kits instead, these being the re-released SH72418 SF-260 (which got sold out really quickly at first) and the SH72440 Model 139WC/WSM/WT ‘Chinese, Siamese and Turkish Service’.
   The range of spray painting masks also gets wider still, now we are adding the pre-cut masks for both the single-seat and two-seat Mirage F.1 models. The offer of CMK resin sets is also really interesting one, besides the sets for our new and superb Bf 190E models, we have also prepared for you a couple of undercarriage wheels for the B-25 in 1/48 as well as in 1/72. The largest set I want to mention today is the resin cockpit for the ICM’s 1/48 A-26 Invader. Some more sets for this kit are being developed, including those with the undercarriage wheels. Our team are also working on resin sets for the Arma Hobby’s 1/72 Hurricane, let me point out now the sets enabling you to convert the Hurri to a photo-reconnaissance, or PR versions. In April, we will also start selling a new PLT range resin kit, the long-promised 1/48 GAL 48 Hotspur. We are also working on a couple of accessory sets for ship models, German life rafts and 15cm naval guns. The above list cannot be complete but even so we do believe you and your customers will find many an interesting item there. We will be looking forward to receiving your orders from the current newsletter as well as from the future ones.
   A. Riedel


model 139WC/WSM/WT ‘Chinese, Siamese and Turkish Service’ Scale Barcode
100-SH72440 1/72 8594071087968

   In the 1930s, the Martin model 139 became the paragon for a modern twin engined bomber aeroplane of all metal construction. Beside seeing service with the US Army Air Force, the type also found its way to air forces of several other countries. Various versions of the Model 139 bomber aeroplanes flew with the military of the Netherlands East Indies, Argentina, Turkey, Siam and China – where the Martins flew missions against Japanese invaders and even penetrated Japanese mainland to drop propaganda leaflets. The Siamese Martins took part in the war with France.
  The kit offers four sprues with styrene parts, one clear plastic sprue and photo-etches. The decal sheet caters for two Chinese Martins, one as flown in Siam and one from Turkey.

  • Finely detailed model
  • Never kitted before in this version
  • Pre-cut painting masks available separately, item no. M72008
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SIAI Marchetti SF-260M/AM Scale Barcode
100-SH72418 1/72 8594071087807

   The Italian training, sports and aerobatic SF-260 aeroplane can be found flying with air forces and civil operators all around the world. In Europe, it flew with the Irish Air Corps and is still in service with the Italian and Belgian air forces. 
   The Special Hobby kit of this neat little planehad been released last October and was sold out completely in just two months. What makes us feel really nice about it is that the modellers keep asking for the kit still, so we literally had no other option that the put it into production again. The model comes on five sprues of styrene parts, including a clear one with canopy hood of the earlier, not so much bulged style. The decals bring markings for Italian, Belgian and Irish SF-260s in the M, AM and W versions. The Italian and Belgian SF-260s wore eye-catching anniversary schemes which will leave you in doubt which to build first :-) For those prefering more military looking machiens will be of interest that the Irish option comes with the wing pylons and armament. The second generation machines known as the SF-260EA/D which sport the larger and more bulged canopy hood will be the subject of another reboxing of this kit. 

  • Superb choice of paint schemes
  • Each of the options have its own and different set of servicing stencils – faithfully represented.
  • Compared with other already existing kits of this subject, our model boosts with fine and crisp surface details and the correct type of the canopy hood.
  • Pre-cut painting masks M72011 available separately
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Mirage F.1 Single Seater Mask Scale Barcode
100-M72013 1/72 8594071087982

Pre-cut painting mask for all Special Hobby Mirage F.1s in the single-seat version. Besides the usual canopy masks, it also contains masks helpimg you paint easily the wheel hubs and tyres.

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Mirage F.1 Two Seater Mask Scale Barcode
100-M72014 1/72 8594071087999

Pre-cut painting mask for all Special Hobby Mirage F.1s in the two-seat version. Besides the usual canopy masks, it also contains masks helpimg you paint easily the wheel hubs and tyres.

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Invader Cockpit Scale Barcode
129-4416 1/48 8595593128344

   Detail resin cockpit with photo etched parts designed for the new model from ICM. It brings much better levels of detail for the model of the US ground attack and bomber aircraft. The cockpit roof also makes the nose gear bay ceiling.

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B-25 Mitchell Wheels Scale Barcode
129-4418 1/48 8595593128467

   Detail resin wheels for  Acurate Miniatures B-25 models and those reboxed by Italeri a Academy.  Compared to the original styrene items, these resin wheels oozes with details, the tyres come with sharply cut tread and the nose wheel has two styles of the hub, either with or without the hub cover. All tyres are rendered weighed.

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ESK 2000 B German WWII Gun Camera Scale Barcode
129-5133 1/32 8595593128412

   German gun camera that was used for the fighter pilot training, fitted externally on the wing or fuselage of single engine, single seater types as were the Bf 109 and others. Some other aircraft, such as the Bf110 for example, could have it mounted inside the nose section.

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Messerschmitt Bf 109E-1/5 Wing Machine Guns Scale Barcode
129-7460 1/72 8595593128429

   The light-weight versions of the Bf 109E fighters, ie the E-1 and E-5 types, had twin 7.9mm machine gun in their wings. This set brings the open machine gun compartments with the machine gun bodies well visible. Photo etched parts also included. Designed to fit the Bf 109E-1/5 as produced by Special Hobby and reboxed by Eduard.

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B-25 Mitchell Wheels Scale Barcode
129-7466 1/72 8595593128474

   Finely detailed resin wheels for Airfix’s B-25 kits. Compared to the original styrene wheels, these offer much better detail levels and the tyres come with nicely cut tread. There are two nose wheels in the set, one with and the other one without the hub cover plate. The tyres are weighed

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Beaufighter Mk.21 - Hedgehog Flame Damper Exhausts / Aussie Type Scale Barcode
129-Q48387 1/48 8595593128436

   Hedgehog exhausts with realistic detail. These exhausts replace directly those found in the Revell kit.

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Messerschmitt Bf 109E Detailed Propeller Spinner Scale Barcode
129-Q72389 1/72 8595593128443

   The variable-pitch propellers of the Bf 109E required regular maintenance, hence so many period photographs show the aeroplane being serviced and having the spinner taken off. Now this set makes it very easy for you to portray your Emil in this very situation. Contains finely detailed spinner and new propeller blades.

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Messerschmitt Bf 109E Tailwheel with Strengthened Leg Scale Barcode
129-Q72391 1/72 8595593128450

   To make sure the tailwheel leg of your 1/72 Bf 109E will not break off under the added weight of so many resin detal sets you are going to use with the kit, why not buy one more? This set contains the tailwheel leg made of special, heat treated and hardened resin. Designed to fit Special Hobby kits as well as those reboxed by Eduard.   

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