F35370 German Infantryman Carried on Hetzer 1944/45 1/35 - new CMK figure

   The war is over. Everyone knows it, no-one has the guts to say it aloud though. Troops retreating. Just do not fall into Russian hands at any cost. Fritz is glad to be sitting. Barricades in Prague, plenty of them. The Russians are close, damn close, but the truce has been agreed with the Resistance. Good for him to be alive, just sitting on a Hetzer...

This figure of a tired to death German soldier is based on a series of photographs showing a Hetzer column retreating through French Street in Prague in May 1945. The poor guy is wearing a Luftwaffe uniform, not that he would belong to that force, it is just the end of the war and there is shortage of everything, even a proper uniform, so you must be glad with what you get even if it is superfluous Luftwaffe gear.

The figure, cat.no. F35370 is available via our e-shop here.


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