News from Special Hobby 04/21

   When will the Whirlwind kit be out? When might we expect it? These were possibly the most often asked questions of the past year. And yes the wait is over now, the 1/32 scale Whirlwind is finally revealed in this month’s Newsletter. And as it usually is, it’s some other kit’s turn now, some other kit will be eagerly awaited and hailed with those very questions on its release date. What kit do you think it might be? Seems that the 1/72 Mirage III is taking over the imaginary relay baton. And be sure we are always doing our best to have as many apt kits in the pipeline for the race as only possible. 
  So, what new kit might deserve your eager attention now? Will it be the P-40M Warhawk / Kittyhawk Mk.III (SH72382), Mirage F.1AZ/CZ ‘The South African Commie Killers’ (SH72435) or even the Tachikawa Ki-54 Hei – Otsu – Kó  Hickory family? Or perhaps the night figther Meteors su as the Mk.14? Or even the quarter scale AH-1G Cobra or the Heinkel He 177A?
   These all are brand new kits, but we will be offering some rather interesting re-releases as well of course. So this year will also see the reissue of such kits as the Mirage F.1CE/CH (SH72289) or Mirage F.1CG (SH72294), and also the still asked for -2 Super Mystère  'Sa ar – Israeli Storm in the Sky'. In new guise we will be also releasing such nice kits as the 1/72 Vampire or the Viggen, this one in both scales. 
   Special Hobby is not just about styrene models, you know it. You can expect really wide range of new resin sets, too, and now we would like to bring to your attention the upcoming 1/72 and 1/48 Beaufighter Mk.II conversion sets, yes this is the Merlin in-line engine version, so very much different from the usual Beau. These sets will fit the Airfix (1/72) and Revell (1/48) kits. We also cannot forget to mention the upcoming Junkers Ju 88A-1 and F-16MLU (both for 1/72 Revell), A-26 Invader (1/48 ICM) or even the Gloster Meteor Mk.8/9 (Airfix) sets. 
  The closest models in our offer, however, will be the 1/72 Harvard Mk.II / IIA / IIB, the Whirlwind in 1/32 mentioned in the introduction and the SIAI-Marchetti SF-260EA / D / EU ‘Late Bulged Canopy Type’in 1/72. Our offer  also includes one new Simple Set, the 1/72 Bf 109E-3.

   A. Riedel


Westland Whirlwind Mk.I ‘Cannon Fighter’ Scale Barcode
100-SH32047 1/32 8594071087784

     In the days leading to the outbreak of the Second World War, the British Air Ministry issued requirements calling for two types of a new fighter aircraft, a lighter one armed just with machine guns and the other one with heavier cannon armament. To this specifications, the Spitfire and Hurricane machine gun fighters were developed. The requirement for the heavier type led to the creation of the twin-engined Westland Whirlwind fighter. Its production gave a total of over a hundred of examples, and it was just the shortage of the Peregrine power plants that prevented further production. The Whirlwind saw service over the English Channel both in the fighter and ground-attack roles, for the latter the airframes were adapted by the addition of bomb racks and called the FB Mk.I. It was only in 1944 that the Whirlwinds were replaced by Hawker Typhoons.
   Our model of the Whirlwind portrays the fighter variety of the type, and comes on ten styrene sprues and one with the clear parts. The decals cater for four machines which sport the earlier green and earth as well as the later grey and green schemes.

  • a model of this type has never been kitted in 1/32 before
  • highly detailed model
  • accurate and well researched decals with a set of servicing stencils
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Harvard Mk.II/III/IV ‘The British Commonwealth Air Training Plan’ Scale Barcode
100-SH72447 1/72 8594071088057

   North American had been established in the 1930s and became most famous  for designing and producing the iconic P-51 Mustang fighter aeroplane. But even before that, their first product made its name in the world of aviation – and it was the single engine training aeropleane, which prototype example was known as the NA-16. Since the first flight, the type underwent development which step by step turned it into a modern-looking, all-metal aeroplane with retractable undercarriage. The production line gave several various versions which were used throughout the war and even in the post-war era.  The USAAF knew the type as the AT-6 Texan, with the US Navy and Marines, the type got the designation SNJ. 
During the war as well as in the later years, the type saw service with many air forces all around the world. The type was also produced for the military of Commonwealth countries where it flew as the Harvard Mk.I to Mk.IV. The Harvard Mk.IIB was the name which bore airframes licence-produced in Canada by Noorduyn. The versions differed by having various styles of the canopy and its framing, the internal equipment as well as by being fitted with various armament. The Harvards became the true legend as very large number of pilots from all around the world, including those from occupied Europe, got their wings flying these machines within the British Commonwealth Air Training Plan. 
   The AT-6G model kitted by Academy is the post-war version of the Texan. So, to make it into a true war horse, we had to add a new sprue of clear plastic parts joined by a handful of resin items and voila here it is, a Harvard in several various colour finishes as flown by STVS units in a couple of Commonwealth countries. The decals offer markings for a yellow RCAF Harvard as operated from Medicine Hat base, a South Rhodesia machine is in natural metal overall with yellow trim, which is also seen on camouflaged RNZAF and RAF machines, the latter also sporting a Polish checkerboard on its nose. The final option is again a yellow-overall machine of the RIAF as flown with SEAC roundels. 

  • Highly attractive model in the version which has never been kitted before.
  • Interesting camouflage schemes
  • Detail resin parts already in the box
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SIAI-Marchetti SF-260EA/EU/D ‘Late Bulged Canopy Type Scale Barcode
100-SH72433 1/72 8594071087937

   The SF-260 is an Italian training, sports and aerobatic aircraft which can be found all around the globe. In Europe, it served with the Irish Air Corps and is still being used by the air forces of Belgium and Italy. The type was gradually developed and upgraded, so the latest versions differ to some extent from the earlier ones. The main difference is rather obvious, it is the more bulged rear-sliding canopy   with different style of its framing. This change is most possibly caused by the ever increasing height of the pilots.
   Our model of the later version differs from our earlier release no. SH72418 by having this new clear sprue with the larger canopy. The decal sheet brings markings for an Italian machine with nose art on either side of the fuselage, then a Belgian machine and also two eye-catching machines as flown in Latin America – an aluminium lacquer overall machine from Venezuela and white SF-260 from Uruguay with dayglo orange trim.

  • Interesting paint schemes
  • Quality of the model highly exceeds that of models produced by other  companies
  • Spray masks to be available shortly 
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Simple set - Messerschmitt Bf 109E-3 Scale Barcode
100-SS018 1/72 8594071088156

This Simple Set (meaning just the styrene sprues without any decals or other accessories, just in a bag with an instruction sheet) is available only from 10 April to 10 May. The price of such models has been unified and is 8 EUR. No further discount applies.

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P-40E/K Kittyhawk Mk.Ia/Mk.III Mask Scale Barcode
100-M72015 1/72 8594071088002

Pre-cut spray mask for easy painting of the canopy and undercarriage wheels of the Special Hobby P-40E/K kits.

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Westland Whirlwind Mk.I Mask Scale Barcode
100-M32003 1/32 8594071088064

Pre-cut painting masks for the canopy and undercarriage wheels, designed for the new Special Hobby Westland Whirlwind Mk.I.

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Hurricane Mk.I Control Surface Scale Barcode
129-7463 1/72 8595593128535

Resin control surfaces, ie. a pair of ailerons, tailfin with the rudder and the wing flaps – for the new Arma Hobby model.

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Hurricane Mk.I - Reserve Fuel Tank Scale Barcode
129-7464 1/72 8595593128542

Resin cast reserve fuel tank which was located in the forward fuselage, just ahead of the cockpit. While the assembly into the model is very easy, the extra detail will turn your model into an eye-catching masterpiece. For the new Arma Hobby kit.

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German Infantryman Carried on Hetzer 1944/45 Scale Barcode
129-F35370 1/35 8595593128504

Almost life-like figure of rather tired German infantryman sitting on an upper armour plate of a Hetzer tank destroyer. The soldier‘s uniform and gear is of the late war years style (44-45).

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US Navy F-6F Hellcat Pilot and Mechanic Scale Barcode
129-F72371 1/72 8595593128511

Figure od a US naval pilot posed standing by his Hellcat (obviously, he can be put beside any other, an F4U for example). His ground crew member is crouching beneath the aeroplane ready to pull the chocks away.

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Beaufighter Mk.21 - Hedgehog Flame Damper Exhausts / Aussie Type Scale Barcode
129-Q72392 1/72 8595593128481

Hedgehog type exhausts for Aussie-made Beaufighters. Designed to fit the Airfix kit which unfortunately lacks them.

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Beaufighter - Hedgehog Flame Damper Exhausts / British Type Scale Barcode
129-Q72393 1/72 8595593128498

Hedgehog type exhausts for UK-made Beaufighters. Brings much more realism to your Airfix kit.

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GAL-48 Hotspur Mk.II Scale Barcode
129-PLT211 1/48 8595593128528

   All resin model kit of the British WW2 trainer glider. At the beginning, the Hotspur was being developed as an assault glider capable of carrying airborne troops. As the type did not possess the required capacity, it was redesigned to serve in the training role instead, and designated the Hotsput Mk.II. Had it not been for so very large number of glider pilots trained on Hotspur, the Normandy invasion would not have developed the way it eventually did. 
Our nicely detailed kit offers, besides the resin parts, also a clear vacuum-formed canopy, clear resin fuselage windows, white metal undercarriage legs and a decal sheet with markings for two options.

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