FR0045 Meteor T Mk.7 - limited edition model

Azur/Frrom of France have asked us to prepare one more release for them, this time in the form of the a bit older, but still very nice Meteor T Mk.7 kit. For their reboxing, M.Fontaine picked rather tempting colour schemes. The decal sheet brings markings for a French airframe, a Belgian one and one as operated in Israel. We would say that the most interesting of them might be the Israeli one which was fitted with a camera in the belly and flew several recon missions during the Suez Crisis in the 1950s. The model also supplies a sheet of pre-cut masking tape to make the painting of the rather busy canopy framing much easier. 

As well as with the other Azur/Frrom kits, also here we are allowed to sell some limited quantity of the Meteor T Mk.7 via our e-shop.


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