Go Zetor, go!!! - Zetor 15 (kit MV127) in photos

  Well it does look now that the wide modellers community have found our Zetor 15 Tractor rather appealing. What, you haven't made your mind yet? Then treat yourself with a short break and take a glimpse at the images below, I bet you will like our promotional event and will end up having at least one Zetor in your collection too... Our advert is meant to kind of reflect on the time the Zetor was conceived and produced here, the time of building the socialism and happiness for the masses...

  Originally, we wanted the flyer to simply state ‘Bolsheviks Of All Countries, Kiss Your Ar.e’ but eventually simple slogans reminiscing us of the era of builders of socialism took over. So, enjoy and have fun as we did. And we hope you will like our MV127 Zetor 15 kit. You might like the figure with a draught animal (cat.no. F72346) as well.



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