PLT211 GAL.48 Hotspur 1/48 - NEW resin kit

 The GAL.48 Hotspur is one of the inconspicuous hard workers of World War II. This glider did not see  combat, yet over 1,000 pieces were made, and many of the men involved in the Horsa, Hamilcar or Haig/Hadrian glider invasions were trained in Hotspurs.
   Moreover, at least in my opinion, it is elegant and aerodynamic compared to other WW2 transport gliders. But it was mainly its historical significance which made us choose it as a model for the Planet Models series. It´s just been released. The resin parts of the kit are complemented by white metal legs, vacuform overlays of cockpits, clear resin cast windows and decals for two British machines. Hotspur can be found under catalogue number PLT211.


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