SH48202 AH-1G/Q Cobra - unveiling the upcoming chopper sprues

   One of the really big things to be released this year from Special Hobby, not exactly big by the size of it but rather by the importance is the quarter scale AH-1G/Q Cobra. Not all of the  moulding tools have already been finished, we still need some time to get the clear parts moulds ready as well as some of the tinies items, but the majority of the kit is ready here for you to see now. Well, the first testshots. Some finishing touches still required, nothing difficult. The name tags, item numbers tags etc...What would you say, do they not already look nice?
   As for the colour schemes of the upcoming series of 1/48 Cobra kits, we plan to base them on those picked for the smaller cousin, the 72nd scale Cobra. And similarly, there are going to be quite a lot of the releases.






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