SH72454 Messerschmitt Bf 109E-1 ‘Lightly-Armed Emil’ in 1/72 - colour schemes after slight corrections

 A couple of days after showing the colour scheme options of our upcoming Messerchmitt Bf 109E-1 kit (SH72454) a Polish modeller approached us with some suggestions how to make the schemes a bit more accurate and up to a current state of the historic research. Now, we are happy to be able to show you the updated profiles here. The changes involved more a detailed emblem of the Witch on a broomstick on Yellow 14 (Scheme C), some very minor change on the colours of the coat of arms on Double Chevron (machine B) and perhaps most noticeably the pale grey face of the demon on Red 16 (Scheme A) which according to rather well-known series of publications would have been red instead, which however proved wrong. So, here we are with the changes, the decals (below is the orifinal version though) were involved as well and now they are being printed by the top-notch domestic decal printing machine at Eduard's. 


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