A Pair of Martin model 139s - as built by Patrick Branley

Today our huge thank you goes to France, to our friend Patrick Branley who built and sent in a few photos of his recently finished Martin model 139 models. Patrick built them using Azur/Frrom model kits no. FR0042 and FR0043 which depict the Dutch and Argentina Navy versions. We are happy to say both of these models are finished to Patrick's usual high standard. Originally we had manufactured three different boxings of this Martin bomber for guys at Azur/Frrom, of which only the FR044 B-10B can still be found on our e-shop. And to tell the truth, not very much of it is left. The other two kits, FR0042 and FR0043 have already been sold out. So, your next chance to get some of the Martins for your collection might be the SH72440 model 139WC/WSM/WT ‘Chinese, Siamese and Turkish Service’ kit in which case you would be tempted by a couple more attractive schemes of this Martin model 139 bombers.


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