1/48 CMK Sets for Hasegawa's N1K2-J Shiden Kai /George

Looong time ago, when still in my teens, I happened to come across The Zeros over the Pacific series in the Letectvi a kosmonautika magazine (which series in fact had been published three years before I had been born). By then I had already been fascinated by the Japanese N1K2-J Shiden Kai / George fighter aeroplane. And to be honest with you I still am and I was happy enough to have been able to touch this thing of beauty at the Pensacola Naval Aviation Museum.
   Japanese Hasegawa makes a 1/48 model of this aircraft in two versions, differing by the style of the tail fin. And our CMK range of details sets offers as many as four sets for these kits which make the model even better looking. Two of these sets also come with a PE fret, those for the cockpit are pre-painted. All these sets are available via our e-shop HERE.



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