SH72327 Dornier Do 27 ‘German, Spanish and Belgian Service’ in 1/72

Yes you are not mistaken at all, the Dornier Do 27 is coming back, really! In the form of the re-release of the very first and already sold-out boxing of this German multipurpose high-wing STOL monoplane. The kit, coming under catalogue number SH72327 brings one scheme depicting a machine of the German Luftwaffe, one flying in colours of the Belgian military and the final choice is a licence-built CASA of the Spanish forces. Our model of the Dornier offers very nice levels of detail and builds very easily. Which of course does not mean you cannot attempt to improve the kit even further - perhaps with a couple of CMK sets such as 7410 - Do 27 Control Surfaces and 7411 - Do 27 Cockpit (sold out, but to be restocked soon). Your Dornier will also no doubt enjoy the presence of a few figures from F72348 set which was originally designed for the release called Do 27 Civilian Service SH72349 and thus the set portrays civil characters. If you have already read our August Newsletter, you must have noticed the upcoming release of the Do 27 pre-cut painting masks, set no. M72028. And as the cockpit doors and side cabin windows of the kit can be also posed open, the set brings masks for the inside of face of the doors and windows, too.


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