SH72451 SIAI Marchetti SF-260 Duo Pack & Book in 1/72

Among the new model kits scheduled for a release this September is also the SIAI Marchetti SF-260 Duo Pack & Book kit, or rather two kits and a bonus, to be more precise. Along standard styrene parts, this twin set will also comprise resin parts, etches and pre-cut masks. The decal sheet will offer marking for no less than eight really very interesting schemes, one of which depicts an armed machine of the Rhodesia Air Force fitted with highly non-standard, upward bent exhausts. And as this beast saw some hot action in a local war, the cockpit contains also a pair of gun sights, replicated in the kit by resin parts supported by an etched frame. To see what that armed airframe looked like, we have brought you a couple of rendered images below. The Rhodesian and Libyan machines were carried MatraF2 launchers on their wing pylons, this feature also covered by resin parts in the kit. 

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