1/72 SAAB 37 models and available detail sets

   Today's really excellent photographic summary of all Special Hobby's 1/72 SAAB 37 Viggen model kits and the available detail sets has been prepared by our no less perfect colleague Ondra Hajek. At present, we offer two reboxings of the Viggen, the JA-37 fighter variant cat.no. SH72384 and the SF-37 recon type cat. no. SH72390. These two will shortly be accompanied by the AJ-37 ground attack version, which is currently being worked on and will be available under cat. no. SH72378
   The available sets consists of pre-cut paint masks, resin cast detail sets (those for the interior come with pre-painted etches) and resin pilot figures with a styrene ladder. We also want to mention the very nice and useful photographic publication dealing with the type. All the available sets can be found HERE.


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