News from Special Hobby 09/2021

   Eighty-two years ago, two men with moustaches made, through their foreign ministers, the decision to divide Europe and in effect start the Second World War. A secret appendix to the so-called Ribbentrop-Molotov Pact also provided for an attack on Poland. On 1 September, 1939, the Wehrmacht invaded Poland. Three weeks later, the Red Army attacked from the other side. The joint attack on two fronts met the resistance from Polish forces which lasted only until 6 October, 1939. But already on 22 September, 1939, a joint military parade of both the Wehrmacht and the Red Army took place in Brest-Litovsk to celebrate the victory. 
  And now we wish to commemorate the brave Poles and their struggle by releasing the 1/72 model of the Potez 25 B2 Polish Jupiter ‘Against the Tide’. This version flew and fought only in Poland and almost every one of them was eventually destroyed during the September 1939 invasion. Another model in this newsletter is the 1/72 Sea Otter  Mk.I/ASR Mk.II 'Foreign Service' wearing the colours of French, Dutch or Danish forces. The last injection model we will mention, but not the least in significance, is the double kit SF-260 in 1/72 released along with a special and very nice monographic publication. New CMK detail sets bring a plenty more to add to the quarter scale F-4B Phantom II (Tamiya) or the 1/32 DH.82 Tiger Moth (ICM). We believe that the most important resin cast set to offer you in this Newsletter would be the Messerschmitt Bf 109E Engine Set, designed both for the Special Hobby kits or their reboxing released by Eduard.
   And it is this engine set that will definitely come handy to one of our upcoming new models. As soon as only possible, we are going to release the limited edition of the 1/72 Messerschmitt Bf 109E-1 ‘Legion Kondor’. We are also working on another release of the 1/72 DH.100 Vampire or the SAAB 37 Viggen in the same scale. Our team are also working hard on the already announced 1/72 family of the Mirage III kits or the speed record Buggatti 100P kit, also in 1/72. And it also seems very likely now that, before this year ends, we will be able to release three reboxings of kits made by other manufacturers joined by our own resin and etched detail parts. These kits are the 1/32 AH-1G Cobra and the Panhard 178, both from ICM and also Academy’s 1/72 Junkers Ju 87G. The AH-1G Cobra will be released in the Hi-Tech format, the Panhard will offer the so-far not released 178B version with the new turret. And the Junkers Ju87G will become the D version released with extra resin parts and etches.

A. Riedel


Potez 25 B2 Polish Jupiter  Against the Tide’ Scale Barcode
100-SH72416 1/72 8594071088323

   The Potez 25, produced in a wide variety of versions, fitted with several types of power plants, was one of the most widely used aeroplanes of the 1920s. The type was both exported abroad and built under licence. It could be seen flying almost world-wide, over Europe, Asia, to Africa or South America. The Potez 25 took part in many conflicts including the Second World War. One of the countries which bought the licence rights was also Poland. Along with the in-line Lorraine engine version, the Poles also were also manufacturing a Jupiter radial engine version with a NACA style cowling. These airframes saw service with the Polish Air Force well until  the outbreak of the war on 1 September 1939, when the majority of these aeroplanes were either destroyed in the air by the German Luftwaffe or fell into German hands on the ground, in most cases damaged during air raids
   The kit contains four styrene sprues, a single clear sprue and a fret of photo etches. The decal sheet offers markings for three Polish machines, all of which were damaged during the September 1939 invasion and fell into the enemy’s hands.

  • A version of the Potez 25 which has never been kitted before.
  • Only a limited quantity of these kits is available
  • Etches already in the box.
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Supermarine Sea Otter Mk.I/ASR Mk.II 'Foreign Service' Scale Barcode
100-SH72431 1/72 8594071088286

   During WW2, both the RAF and FAA introduced into their service the amphibian Sea Otter biplane which was designed to replace the famous Walrus and also became the very last Supermarine-built biplane to see service with the RAF and FAA. The type was mainly used in  the observation and sea rescue roles. In the post war years, it was also exported to several other countries. 
   Four styrene sprues, one clear parts spure, photo-etches and a set of resin parts makes the content of this model kit. The decals bring markings of three machines as flown by the French, Dutch and Danish forces.

  • kit of a British amphibious flying boat
  • decals for three machines cover the French Aeronavale, the Dutch Navy and Danish Air Force
  • contains etches and resin parts
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SIAI-Marchetti SF-260 Duo Pack & Book Scale Barcode
100-SH72451 1/72 8594071088248

   This kit is another one of the Duo Pack & Book format and brings, as is rather clear from the title of the series, two complete SF-260 models accompanied by a book on the subject prepared by the guys at H.M.H. Publication. The models offer both styles of the clear canopy, the standard one as well as the later, larger type, and also the Matra underwing missile launchers for the SF-260W version and a pair of gun sights and their mounting frame found inside the windshield. The decals come with markings for a deep-red Belgian aerobatic machine, a camouflaged Rhodesian airframe, Fuerza Aerea Boliviana machine in white with red trim, a white-orange Turkish SF-260, camouflaged machine of an US operator, a gold and black Italian SF-260, a Free Libya option bearing traces of paintwork repairs and a camouflaged machine belonging to the Tunisia military.

  • Two complete kits along with the publication in a box
  • Very interesting-looking colour schemes
  • Etches and resin parts already in the box
  • Limited edition
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F-4B Phantom IFR Scale Barcode
129-4429 1/48 8595593128832

The set contains parts portraying the open IFR compartment with the extended probe. Designed for the new Tamiya kit. Brings higher levels of detail than the kit styrene part.

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F-4B Phantom Ladder Scale Barcode
129-4430 1/48 8595593128849

Resin cast ladder offers much better detail than the original styrene one from the Tamiya kit.

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F-4B Phantom Early Fin Tip Fairing and Rudder (separate) Scale Barcode
129-4431 1/48 8595593128856

   The Tamiya kit does not offer the early F-4B style tail fin tip. Our set brings this item along with the separate rudder, which is clearly seen off centre in many photos. The rudder in the kit is an integral part of the fin and cannot be positioned. Our resin cast rudder with etched hinges fixes this unpleasantness.

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DH.82 Tiger Moth Wing Tank Correction Set (ICM kit) Scale Barcode
129-5142 1/32 8595593128863

  The top wing fuel tank of the Tiger Moth was made of corrugated sheet metal. That simply means it cannot be faithfully reproduced from styrene and a nicely done resin set does come handy here.

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Messerschmitt Bf 109E Engine Set Scale Barcode
129-7455 1/72 8595593128870

  Detail set of the DB-601 engine without its covering panels, fits the new Special Hobby’s model kits and Eduard’s rebox. The engine cowl panels and armament panels come along in the set.

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F-16MLU Wheel Bays Scale Barcode
129-7471 1/72 8595593128887

  Resin cast wheel bay for the F-16MLU model as kitted by Revell. The set offers substantially higher detail levels than the kit does.

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F-16MLU Gun Bay Scale Barcode
129-7472 1/72 8595593128894

  Open armament compartment showing the rotary gun of the Revell‘s F-16MLU. The set comes joined by photo etches.

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F-18E/F Control Surfaces Scale Barcode
129-7477 1/72 8595593128900

   Control surfaces for Academy’s F-18E/F kit. The original model offers the surfaces molded together with the wings and tail fins. Photos of real aircraft often show these surfaces positioned. Which can be easily replicated with our set.

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P-40K/M/N Warhawk Late Type Fishtail Exhausts Scale Barcode
129-Q72396 1/72 8595593128917

   Finely detailed resin exhauts stubs for late P-40 versions. Come pre-drilled and offer more details than the styrene exhausts.

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