SH72270 Tachikawa Ki-54 Hei - Jan Šimon's finished beauty

 A couple of days ago, Jan Šimon, a member of the Merry Builders club, paid us a visit and brought along his most recent build, the Tachikawa Ki-54Hei, model no.SH72270. It gave the very welcome opportunity to seize the model, for a while at least, and we made a handful of photos of Jan's very finely finished Hickory. And as Jan is and has always been a meticulous modeller, we do believe that you will like the model as we do. Jan was also so very kind to share with us his secret formula of how to achieve the camouflage snakes on a 1/72 scale model - first, draw the pattern by hand using watercolour pencils, then (just if you are 18 or over) a glass of wine and then grab your favourite airbrush with your confident hand and simply start spraying. And you can also use our M72025 paint masks.


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