72560 Gloster Meteor PR Mk.10 with a Czechoslovak footprint

   The PR Mk.10 was a specialised, high altitude photo-reconnaissance version of the Meteor twin jet fighter. These jets were used mainly from overseas bases of the RAF. One of their primary tasks was to peep behind the Iron Curtain, or as it was sometimes also known here in the then Czechoslovakia as the High Blue Wall. They, however, also saw service both in the Middle and Far East. One of the RAF pilost at the controls of the Mk.10 was also Miroslav Mansfeld, a famous night fighter pilot, who re-joined the RAF after fleeing his home country for the second time. 
   The Mk.10 Meteor had alread been available a couple of years ago but got sold out fairly quickly. Now the kit is available again, being reissued in very limited quantity.


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