Heinkel He 162A Spatz in1/72 - offered sets and figures

   The Heinkel He 162 Spatz is arguably one of the very best Special Hobby kits of recent times. It really is a tiny piece of art. All the same, we have a few sets for you to make this little gem even more eye-catching. There are two larger sets 7442 He 162A Engine and 7444 He 162 Gun Bays. The former brings superbly detailed BMW 003 jet power plant, which has, due to its location on the top of the fuselage, really dominant position. The latter offers open MG 151 gun bays. No need to cut the fuselage though and the installation is quite straightforward. There are als two more sets in the Quick & Easy range, Q72361 He 162A Seat which comes with etches too, and Q72362 He162 Wheels with weighed tyres. 
   We also cannot fail to mention a pair of figure sets for this model. F72365 is a trio of standing pilots, F72372 contains two ground crew personnel.


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