SH32082 AH-1G Cobra ‘Early Tails over Nam’ Hi-Tech Kit in 1/32 - production 3D printed parts contained in the kit

We have already mentioned that the 1/32 SH32082 AH-1G Cobra ‘Early Tails over Nam’ Hi-Tech Kit, beside the quite standard resin and etched parts, will also contain 3D-printed parts. These are the parts which would be somewhat difficult to produce by the means of resin casting and if made from etches, would not look convincing, like the gun sight control of the gun turret and a couple tiny interior parts. You can see all these in the photos below. We also needed to check their fit with the rest of the kit parts as they come rather densely placed on the 3D-print base block. And also some of them have to have their supports while being printed. We carefully tested to remove the parts from the base only to learn that there is absoulutely nno trouble at all. Mr.Silhanek managed it even without any sort of tool just using his fingers, I used just a pair of pincers and a razor saw. Again, to trouble at all. So, the 1/32 Cobra is the very first SH kit to directly contain 3D-printed components. Similarly, the first ever CMK set to do so will be 7461 ESK 2000 B German WWII Gun Camera in1/72. Let us share the details of this one sometimes later. 



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